The Korean Shakespeare Experience

Korean Events in London

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General Events

Jump – Korean Comedy/Action performance – October to November 2014

Learn Korean in a Cinematic Context – September to November 2014

Taste of Korea Hansik: K-Cuisine Workshop – October 2014

K-Culture Workshops, Gayageum, Minhwa and new Jogakbo: Korean Traditional Patchwork – Autumn 2014

K-Culture Workshops, application period: Gayageum and Minhwa – Feb to May 2014

Kingston Korean Festival – Sept 2013

Korean War Anniversary Celebrations – July 2013

London Thames Festival: Korean Section – September 2012

Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demo Team

Kingston Korean Festival – August 2012

Korean Shakespeare at The Globe – April/May 2012

Korean Shakespeare Review – April/May 2012

Laugh Juseyo – Can we have more Korean comedy events in the UK please?

Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo – Nov 2013

KBEE 2013: Schedule and Info

KBEE 2013: 2NE1 and Psy Hologram Concert

KBEE 2013 ft. 2NE1

MBC’s Culture Festival – June 2012

MBC’s Culture Festival in London Announced

MBC Culture Festival Culture Stages

MBC Culture Festival Kpop Stages

MBC Culture Festival Sold Out!

MBC Culture Festival: EXO-K Lightstick Project

MBC Culture Festival: Review!

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