Starting with a BIG BANG

You know that the Hallyu wave has begun when BigBang are nominated in the same category as Britney Spears in the MTV EMA awards, and according to some random sources (you can never be sure of how accurate fangirls are) they are apparently second place in terms of the number of votes, trailing only slightly behind the legend that is Britney Spears.

You can help BigBang by voting.  Click on the MTV logo:
MTV EMA 2011
BigBang are nominated in the WORLDWIDE ACT category.
Also according to Taeyangs twitter, he has said that they can attend the EMA!!! WOOOOOP!!! So close yet still so far!!!!!
Any VIPs planning to go over to Belfast to try and catch a glimpse of the charismatic BigBang? *Jealous* Please let us know about your experience and take lots and lots and lots of photos!!!
Bigbang mtv 2011
Images and translation courtsey of MTVEMA and MTVK
BigBang Uniqlo UK Fashion

And whilst we are on the the topic of the very faint worthy BigBang, this is not the first time that BigBang has caused a stir in the UK. Uniqlo helped bring BigBang to the UK back in February by bringing their range of BigBang Hoody and UT Teeshirts to UK stores much to my delight.  I remember first hearing about this range going on sale and blogging about how disappointed I was that it was only available in Japan! (yes I totally believe I had something to do with bringing it to UK stores :P).  Low and behold the awesomeness that is Uniqlo brought BigBang to me and I was up at 6am ready to order my BigBang hoodies…  IT WAS CRAZY and probably my first experience into crazy Kpop fandom.  They were selling out in seconds.  I remember putting a ton of stuff into my basket and racing with the rest of the UK to check out.  It was frustrating but worth it and in the end, I managed to get everything I wanted.

BigBang then continued their UK invasion in June with YG Entertainment collaborating with the Korean Culture Centre UK to hold a dance/singing competition for the UK Kpop fans where the winner wins a free trip to Korea to meet the YG artists and watch them perform! BigBang were the representatives for this event and recorded a special video for the Korean Culture Centre to help with promotes. With such a special personalised video, this event quickly became a big hit with many Kpop fans around the UK. This competition brought on many competitors all eager for the chance of flying to Korea for this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their idols.  With all this happening in 2011, you could say that Kpop in the UK has really kicked off with a BIGBANG….if you’ll excuse the pun!


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