All that glitters is….. SHINee!

At the beginning of last week UK SHINee fans were as of yet unaware of what the next few days would bring them. Little would they believe that some of them would be having sleepless nights, worrying about missing the chance to grab a ticket to see their favourite idol group in their own country – a fact that many UK fans have believed wouldn’t happen in the near future, if at all.

When the Korean Cultural Centre first announced that SHINee would be holding the first independent Korean artist concert in the UK, fans everywhere couldn’t believe their luck. With the date and time of the ticket release not announced beforehand, many SHINee fans stayed by their computers in case the tickets went on sale. Many missed out on full nights sleep in case the tickets came on sale, and some even chose not to sleep at all.

When the tickets finally go on sale at 1pm on Thursday 27th, most fans immediately tried to book online. The cinema chain Odeon, who were selling the tickets, found that their servers crashed about a minute after ticket went on sale. From then onwards, fans found themselves desperate to try to secure tickets for themselves and friends. Fans  were so eager to attend the concert that many spent hours at their computers waiting for the servers to be repaired, and many rushed into central London to buy tickets at the cinema.

What all this shows us is that in the UK, there is a huge market for the Korean music market. Fans are willing to sacrifice days of their lives trying to ensure that they’ll be able to see their idols. Hopefully the fans that were not able to get tickets will be rewarded in the future when Korean music executives see that the UK is a profitable market, and bring more Kpop acts to our island.

To all those fellow Shawols lucky enough to secure a ticket.  See you on Thursday!!!

Shinee KCC London
image from KCC

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