BigBang bouncing over to Belfast

According to allkpop, all FIVE members of BigBang are currently making their way to the UK for the MTV EMA awards in Belfast!!!! YES!!! EVEN DAESUNG!!! I believe this will be the first time all 5 members will be together in public again after Daesungs traumatic incident earlier this year. WELCOME BACK BOYS!!! :D

Bigbang Airport Fashion 1

And just like SHINee, they will be arriving into Heathrow too. But which flight? No one knows! After the drama of SHINee, I’m sure many fan girls will be making preparations for the mad dash to Terminal 1 if needed.

BigBang Airport 1

*puts on stalking hat* I have absolutely no inside information but the MTV EMA awards are traditionally broadcasted LIVE and this year its on 6th November. BigBang are only nominees and are not actually performing so there is no rush for them to get to Belfast so they may stay in London for a while. But if they were to head straight to Belfast then these are all their possible connection flights. (Please note how it’s all Terminal 1).

BigBang Airport 2

Due to a prior engagement (a little thing called the LKFF SHINee performance) none of the members of the Korean Class Massive will be able to make it to the airport. But to any fans who are going to greet and welcome BigBang please let us know!!! We would love to get your fan accounts!!! And Good Luck!!!

Last but not least, in true Korean style, lets check out the Airport fashions!

Bigbang Airport Fashion TOP SeungriBigbang Airport Fashion Taeyang GD Daesung

BigBang looking simple yet trendy as usual. How do they do it? And TOP providing more evidence that he can pull off just about anything and look hot whilst doing it.


Credits : Photos – as tagged
Sources : allkpop Bigbangupdates MTV EMA


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