SHINee’s Arrival in London: Part 3 – After SHINee left

Rebecca Louise Chii Shawol ukAfter SHINee had left, and many of the fans and reporters dispersed, Sarah, Rebecca and I decided to get a coffee and take a rest before heading home. Whilst buying our drinks, I noticed that a group of MBC reporters had sat down in the same cafe as us. With some not so subtle manoeuvrings of tables, we ended up sitting at the table next to theirs. After some whispering amongst ourselves, Rebecca bravely went up to who we guessed was the English speaker and asked him if we could ask him a few questions. After looking a little confused to be the one answering questions rather than asking them, he very kindly agreed to talk to us. Having not prepared any questions beforehand, we had to think on our feet – so if the quality of our questions aren’t that good, sorry, we were very under prepared! After talking to Jay for about 5 minutes, we thought we’d better let him get on with his editing, as he was obviously very busy.

Check out our chat with Jay below!


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