SHINee at the Odeon: Part 1 Getting there and the build up

SHINee at the Odeon: Part 1 Getting there and the build upI got off the train and headed towards Leicester Square to meet my friends waiting to see SHINee perform. The closer I got the more excited I was. As I turned the corner I was left wondering “Where should I go?”. Then I saw a crowd of fan girls and boys waiting outside the Odeon West End. I quickly found my friends and took my place amongst the crowd.

After around half an hour of just waiting around in the line, we started to see reporters and camera men coming out and filming the crowd. As more and more fans realise what was going on, all the fan signs came out and everyone started to scream!! The confusion that took over us when this started was crazy, the fans in the back of the line thought that SHINee had been sighted and started screaming and rushing to find out what was going on, only to realise that it was the camera crew. This carried on for a good 2 and a half hours. All the while fans who made the effort to create huge signs were being interviewed.

Some fans were nice enough to bring their iPod speakers and blasted SHINee’s more poplar songs while the very dedicated fans danced and chanted along. Check out this video.

SHINee at the Odeon: Part 1 Getting there and the build up

FINALLY at 4pm they were starting to let us in group by group, because they knew that it was the only safe way to get all the fans into the screen. As we entered the Odeon, we could hear the fangirls ahead of us screaming so we thought that the SHINee members were already waiting for us on stage. Disappointment hit us as we quickly rushed into Screen 2 only to realise that it was just SHINee’s music videos being played, but seeing them on the BIG SCREEN for the first time was pretty exciting!! We quickly ran to our seats and started to prepare for the concert looming ahead… As all the fans gathered in the cinema screen and screamed their heads off at each and every video we could see that one of the cinema staff was enjoying the music until all the screams took over and he started to cover his ears. During this time, we got repeated warnings from the Odeon staff that if any fans tried to get out of their seats, or rush the stage, the concert would be stopped and not started again. The audience knew this wasn’t an empty threat , and throughout the whole performance, were really good at keeping to their seats.

After about 30 minutes of waiting for everyone to take their seats, the music videos stopped and a SHINee teaser started playing. The lights went out and the side door slowly opened… (stay tuned for more!)


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