SHINee at the Odeon: Part 2 SHINee!!!

As soon as the lights went down, the whole audience knew it was time for SHINee to finally come on stage. The doors next to the stage opened, and we saw five shadowed figures come out and make their up to the stage. Everyone immediately screamed and cameras everywhere started flashing and recording.

Their first two songs, Ring Ding Dong, and the maybe lesser known Senorita, were amazing and really got the audience going. The choreography was amazing, and being able to watch them so close was an experience we’ll never forget. You could literally see the sweat fly off them during their performances!
After the first two songs, they gave a short introduction. They all looked really enthusiastic to be here and were very polite when talking to the audience. After the interview, they briefly went off stage to prepare for their solo performances. During the very short break, the audience were shown short clips on the screen, such as behind the scenes of the ‘Hello’ video.
 First up was for a solo performance was Onew. So adorable! Who can resist his dubu and sangtae charm. His hair was looking very nice during the concert too. Onew has the cutest facial expressions, we’d love to take him home and mother him.
JongHyun’s power vocals were out in force, as he belted out his favourite solo choice of ‘Nothing Better’.  He hit the high notes every time, and gave a great performance. We thought he looked a little tired/run down when he first came on stage, but was truly great in his solo song.
Key’s super hyped up ‘Tic Toc’ was really fun to watch. He was jumping all over the stage and was clearly loving every second of it. The audience were also having the time of their lives. There was screams of jealousy when he jumped down to sing to one lucky fan. We heard he even stroked her face ! You could see security were about to step in, but Key got back up on stage. Ah, lucky girl…..
Dibidibidisp his name is Minho! He was looking mighty fine. No wonder he used to be a model. He got the audience pumping with his great use of stage – he made sure to walk to all corners of the stage so all the fans from each area had a chance to look at him. And look at him we did!

Before Taemin’s solo, we were sort of expecting him to do a dance performance as it’s what he’s well known for. However, he surprised with a great ballad. His singing abilities have really improved recently, and we must admit that he was a lot better than we expected. Good work Taemin, fighting!  **** UPDATE : New HQ Full length video added!!!

Everyone was happy to hear ‘Replay’ again, always a SHINee classic!
Our only video of ‘Hello’ is just one minute, sorry guys. Watching the ‘Hello’ dance up close, you realise how cute it is, we always think that the choreography for this dance really suits Taemin’s cutesy image.

Juliette came up next. This is another classic that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and a lot of the audience joined in singing along.

Of course, a SHINee concert couldn’t end without the crowning glory of Lucifer! Their dancing was spot on and the vocals were powerful. AMAZING! When they finished, everyone was disappointed as SHINee left the stage. However, the audience were left feeling ecstatic and pumped.
Getting to see SHINee, in our country, was something we’ll never forget. The atmosphere, song choice, fashion, dancing – all of it was fantastic. We were seriously impressed with the stamina these boys have. Watching the dances close, you realise just how demanding they are. The sweat pouring off the boys showed how much effort they were putting in. Being able to step off an 11 hour flight, battle jet lag, then perform in a small and personal setting really shows what dedication and commitment they have to performing.
SHINee, please come and visit again, we’ll be first in the line! Until next time!

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