Where is Big Bang? *UPDATE

UPDATE *** We have had reports that Big Bang have arrived at Belfast and was greeted by Fans and Media upon their arrival.  For pictures and fancams visit: BB Worldwide !!! GOOD LUCK BIG BANG!!! Big Bang arrived into London on Thursday… and stayed!!!

Where is Big Bang? *UPDATE

Photos as credited from: BigBangupdates

Many fans were there at the airport to greet them.  Thursday was also TOP’s birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! And as fans escourted Big Bang to the Airport car park, everyone suddenly started singing Happy Birthday to TOP!!!  Must have been nice after spending 12 hours of your Birthday on the plane!!!

How do you remain so fresh after a long haul flight Mr TOP???

How do you remain so fresh after a long haul flight Mr TOP???

To all the Maknae fans I’m sorry but I really can’t seem to find a photo of him :(

Anyways so now its Saturday and the MTV EMA show will be tomorrow.  So where is Big Bang? A Facebook airport event was created yesterday (HERE) as it was rumoured that Big Bang will be leaving for Belfast this morning.  Some dedicated fans were planning to get there for 5am to wish Big Bang some luck before they headed off.  But so far, as of 8am, the internet world seems to be quiet.  Where is Big Bang?!?!

So who went to greet Big Bang at the Airport on Thursday and who is there right now waiting?  Please let us know! We would love to publish your fan accounts!!! In the mean time, check out the fan cams on BigBangupdates and BB worldwide

빅뱅 화이팅!!!!!

Photos as credited from: BigBangupdates


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