LKFF: Sunny (써니)

LKFF: Sunny (써니)

Sunny originally came out in Korea in May of this year and went straight to number 1 at the box office.  It remained the best selling Korean movie of 2011 for a solid 3 months before being kicked off the top spot by the movie that opened this year’s London Korean film festival War of the Arrow.

LKFF: Sunny (써니)The movie is about an unappreciated housewife who bumps into an old friend from school.  Back in the day they were BFFs along with 5 other girls; their gang was named Sunny.  The film then proceeds with the housewife trying to track down the rest of the gang.  Throughout this journey we are shown flashbacks from the school days showing us how the girls became friends and illustrating how their friendship grew strong.  This is a extremely vague summary of the story as I really don’t want to ruin the plot line because I know you WILL want to watch it :D

Sunny has the elements of a typical high school comedy with a super awesome Korean twist.  Theres the usual bullies, BFFs, fashion, girl world drama and the take-your breath-away first crush moment so well done that a cinema full of both grown woman AND men went completely silent.  But with the interconnecting story of the now grown up girls, this movie will appeal to both children and grown ups alike.  Before all the men groan, I would also like to point out that this is not a typical girlie girl gang.  These girls are hardcore, me and fellow Korean Class members picked up quite a few fighting tips and we don’t mean slapping like a crazed chicken.

LKFF: Sunny (써니)

I loved the retro scenes in Sunny and if you are a fan of Kpop band T-ara’s recent Roly Poly concept, you too will love the styling of the school girls.  This movie bought back many good memories from my school days (which weren’t that long ago) as whatever generation we are, this movie portrayed all the typical experiences of a school girl beautifully.  There are also a lot of references to current Korean pop culture that would definitely make you laugh.   But even so, I believe Sunny is a movie that will be relevant to all generations, nationalities and genders for many years to come.

LKFF: Sunny (써니)

Report card: Like a typical Korean movie, Sunny is a rollercoaster of emotions with the ability to make you laugh uncontrollably one second and cry like a wreck the next.  I thoroughly recommend this movie to EVERYONE.  There was never a boring or dull moment; it had the full attention of this slight A.D.D viewer.  Hands down Sunny is one of the best movies I have ever seen :) And will swiftly go into my list of movies to watch again again when I need some cheering up.

Daebak Star

Korean Class MASSIVE stamp of approval!!

The London Korean Film Festival has only just begun and there are still lots of great Korean movies scheduled!!!

Check out the schedule HERE .  Photo credits to : naver


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