BB Cream

What is BB cream? BB cream stands for Blemish Balm.  It was first invented in Europe for post surgery patients to cover up scars and to help them heal.  Hmmm… A cream that covers up AND heals!!! Koreans went wild and soon the rest of Asia followed as it was said to be the secret of Korean actresses whom are known for their flawless skin.

The gorgeous Song Hye Kyo

The gorgeous Song Hye Kyo

BB creams are created as multi function skin care, it moisterises, it covers, it protects,that is the 3 main mottos of the BB cream.  A dream for lazy girls like me.  I’m not a beauty blogger nor am I an avid and knowledgeable regular make up user, but I have always wanted to try BB cream. BB cream started out fairly limited in that there are normally only two shades available which are both pretty light.  If you are a slightly tanned Asian like me, it was hard to find a shade that doesn’t make you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.  Only recently have BB cream manufacturers (in Asia) started to create different and darker shades to complement a slightly wider variety of skin tones.

Dara from 2ne1 advertising for Etude House BB Cream

Beauty Blogger From Head to Toe has created this EPIC BB cream post where they try out a huge range of BB creams on the market.  The brilliant thing about this post is that she is Asian and she tests these BB creams out with her Caucasian friend meaning you will be able to compare the different shades and see how it will fit your skin tone!  Unfortunately for us UK folks, BB cream has only just recently hit our shores and the choices are dismal :(

Garnier was first to lead the pack. I was excited when I first heard but disappointed to see that UK would have special adapted shades for European skin tones :(  Just when I thought I would be able to find something for my Asian skin tone :'(   Never the less, I looked into it and did some research.  The main thing I found from many beauty bloggers is that it was not good for oily skin.  A big nono for me and with only SPF15, I felt that it just wasn’t good enough as one of the key functions of BB cream in Asia is to protect with some BB creams coming with SPFs 40 and higher!

Basic non-threatening packaging

Basic non-threatening packaging

But then I found out that No 17 at Boots have also recently introduced a BB cream.

Like all BB creams, this No17 BB cream promises to:
Cover: full coverage which conceals imperfections and helps control oil.
Enhance: the creamy formula evens skins tone for a flawless finish.
Protect: SPF 25 (woop!) and hydrating formula for healthy skin.
A magical all-in-one foundation plus skincare wonder product.   Sounds AMAZING!!!

But again, like all BB creams there are only two shades.  Light and Medium…. I tried them on my hand, the texture was nice but I didn’t really see much of a difference between the shades but I decided to go for Medium.

Even Shinee’s advertising BB Cream

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