11.11.11 Millennium Pepero Day – Where to buy Pepero?

Although we haven’t been on a search and find mission, these are a few of the most well known Korean food shops in London that will most likely be selling Pepero…

11.11.11 Millenium Pepero Day
Window Display – Oriental Delight in London Chinatown

Centre Point Food Store – Just next to Tottenham Court Road Tube. Has all your essential Korean staples and snacks to buy.

Korea Foods Mart: Seoul Plaza (various locations around London and in Bournemouth, Birmingham, Cambridge and Reading) – Friendly staff and big shops, if Pepero’s not here, it won’t be anywhere.

See Woo – London Greenwich Head towards the O2 and get off by the MASSIVE Sainsbury’s, turn down towards the main road and cross. Walk along the road away from the roundabout and take the first left (essentially doing a U-turn on foot), follow that road and you will see See Woo on your right.

See Woo – London Chinatown By the Prince Charles cinema just out of Leicester Square.

Other places in Chinatown – Wonderful Patisseries, New Long Moon Supermarket, Oriental Delight, Nippon and Korean Centre

Let us know if you’ve seen Pepero on sale anywhere in the UK, and we can add to our list!


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