11.11.11 Millennium Pepero Day

Most of you guys would know what Pepero day is but a quick summary:  Pepero day is held on 11th November every year in South Korea and its kind of like a Valentines day but you’re suppose to show your love by giving Pepero instead.  Brilliant marketing campaign but till this day, Lotte, the company that create Pepero denies it and claims they introduced this when they noticed a yearly jump in sales around the 11th (source: Wiki).

There is also another story where it is claimed that Pepero day was started by school girls who gave each other Pepero on 11.11 to wish each other success in being tall and slim like the number 1.  Crazy school girls… Although, totally believable….

This year it has been marketed as a MASSIVE Millenium Pepero Day as its 11.11.11!!!!
11.11.11 Millenium Pepero Day
image from: Buhay Sa Korea

And companies are going crazy marketing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell someone you love them.  Because its extra special!!! And all this advertising seems to be causing the people of South Korea headaches and wallet aches as well no doubt.  Here is one mother’s experience.  (Translated by and extracted from The Hankyoreh)

“We went to the supermarket, and my daughter saw a basket with a doll and Pepero in it and she kept pestering me to buy one for each of her classmates at the kindergarten. I asked my daughter, ‘Do you know what Pepero Day is?’ and she said it was ‘a day when you give Pepero to the people you like,’” “I had no way of explaining to a child that Pepero Day was a company’s commercial strategy, and I knew her little heart would be broken if I did not buy it, so I ended up buying Pepero to take to the kindergarten on the 11th,” Yu said.

Kim Hyun Joong Pepero

Kim Hyun Joong from Boys Before Flowers gave Pepero to his fans at a recent concert

Pocky was always available in Chinatown and Asian supermarkets across the UK with Pepero being introduced a couple of years back.  This amazing chocolate biscuit snack was the worst kept secret of East Asians in the UK but it was only recently that Pocky decided to officially introduce this type of snack to the UK under a different name Mikado.

So how is the UK going to be celebrating Pepero day???

Pepero London variety 2Actually it took me quite some time to actually find any Pepero in Chinatown!!! For a moment I thought it must be sold out everywhere!!! But then I found some!!! There are 3 stores along the main street of Chinatown that sells Pepero.  The cheapest I found was 80p a pack! :D

11.11.11 Millenium Pepero Day

Will you be giving anyone Pepero on this once in a life time
밀레니엄 빼빼로데이!?!?!  :D

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