SM Town “Global” auditions

SM Town are on the hunt for new talent and this time its going GLOBAL. Well, USA, China, Japan and Korea anyways.  It seems to have completely missed out Europe.  :( Why so? Well if you look at the current talent we have on X Factor at the moment, you can’t really blame them as rarely is a good singer also a exceptional dancer.  But Britain’s Got Talent on the other hand has displayed that Britain does indeed have some dancing talent. For example with Diversity winning the title 2 years ago, more dancing groups auditioning, and shows such as So You Think You Can Dance? You can’t deny that people of the UK can dance…

Westlife's legendary stools

Westlife’s legendary stools

If we look at the current UK charts, there are hardly any glowing examples of a performer who can both dance AND sing magnificently. Jessie J is pretty cool but even if we include all those from across the pond, there are hardly any groups. Gone are the days when boybands used to dominate the charts. And even then, the UK had Westlife, whilst the US had N Sync (dirty pop *dance break*) and there is no comparing The Saturdays sexy popping to the full on dancing of The Pussy Cat dolls. This is primarily why there are a lot of Kpop fans in the UK, the epic in-sync and energetic dancing is something we just do not have on our own soil.

N'Sync, I swear they're dancing and not just doing push ups...

N’Sync, I swear they’re dancing and not just doing push ups…

But, with this years X Factor, girl bands are normally doomed from the beginning and groups are normally the first category to be eliminated.  But Little Mix is getting quite popular. I loved Little Mix’s first performance and thought YES!!! This is what we need!!! GIRL POWAH!!! (Totally missing the days of Spice Girls :P) and with their quirky style they kinda remind me of F(x) and 2NE1 although obv not as Epic.

JLS you are doing well as one of the only groups in the UK that dance and have improved a MASSIVE amount. I no longer cringe when I watch you guys. I actually find myself singing along sometimes!

JLS and the super insync Teen Top
So do we think that the UK might be open to groups again? And with Steps making a coming back, will UK dance once again?!?! p.s Honourary mentions:  :D
PJ & Duncan AKA Ant and Dec and 5ive :D

Steps and S Club 7 :D

The Legend that is The Spice Girls.

Of course there are lots more British groups that danced, a few I missed out are Misteeq, Damage, Atomic Kitten? and who can forget B*witched… But can anyone think of a UK group who’s dancing can compare with the standard we see in Kpop today???


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