UNITED CUBE in London!

Right after the success of SMTOWN Paris, quite a few other Korean Entertainment groups expressed their interest in spreading to Europe and the UK. CUBE Ent., being one of them, not only said they would like to visit London, they went all out and stated that they would like to hold the first ever Kpop concert in London. With this one statement, CUBE Ent. sent chills of excitement and anticipation through kpop fans all over the UK and Europe. The thought of being able to see artists like BEAST, 4 Minute and G.Na perform in our own continent was one that many Kpop fans entertained with fellow fans. CUB Ent. had gotten so far as setting a date, November 19th (just a week from now), before disaster struck.

London Riots 2011

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Before CUBE could set up the preparations for the ticket sales and finalise the venue, London went into uproar. People from all backgrounds participated in this MASSIVE riot throughout not only London, but also Birmingham and Leeds. Hearing the news of all the chaos in London the CUBE bosses, disappointing all the Kpop fans who were waiting patiently inside their homes hoping that the riots would end quickly so as not to disturb the pending Kpop concert, decided to postpone the CUBE concert until further notice. The thought of a Kpop concert for the UK was disappearing quickly from our minds as more and more time went by without any news from CUBE.

United Kpop London

While waiting for any new information on the CUBE concert in London, other Kpop events popped up, like the JYJ concerts in Spain (29th October) and Berlin (6th November), and the Music Bank concert in Paris on February 8th and 9th 2012. With the JYJ tickets going on sale within 2-3 weeks of each other and the Music bank tickets only 2 weeks after JYJ, and FINALLY hearing that CUBE Ent. had made new plans for their concert and were planning on selling their tickets at the end of October sometime, fans all over Europe were feeling the strain on their funds.

As though 4 concerts weren’t enough, SM announced that SHINee would hold the first Kpop concert in London for the London Korean Film Festival opening (just taking the First Kpop Concert in the UK position from CUBE) on the evening the Music Bank tickets were sold. Within the space of a month and a half, tickets to 5 different concerts had gone on sale. It’s official, Kpop had finally hit Europe, and was making itself comfortable.

Tickets to the CUBE concert first went on sale on Saturday 29th via O2 Priority where fans got a SHOCK like no other, the tickets were selling for £65 PLUS an extra £10 service charge for the venue. Bearing in mind that most Kpop fans are still in their teens so don’t have that much money, and this had come at the end of a VERY expensive week for Kpop fans all over the UK. The majority of CUBE fans had by now spent most of their money on JYJ, Music Bank and/or SHINee tickets. Making the CUBE tickets not only unaffordable, but they were not prepared to spend that much money, no matter how much they wanted to see CUBE.

Because of this fact, the tickets still have not sold out. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket click here. This was a real shame because all the artists in CUBE are very talented, I myself am a huge fan of CUBE artists and am sad to say that I won’t be going to see them, not in London anyway. As many fans may be unable to go to CUBE because of the ticket prices, and the the tickets have not sold out yet, we hope Korean entertainment agencies don’t think there isn’t a market here – there is. It just happened to be bad timing for many fans with multiple tickets to Kpop events going on sale in a short space of time. London, and the UK love Kpop and will always welcome any and all events coming here!

(Image credits: Burning bus – http://www.almostzara.com , JYJ – http://purplezest.files.wordpress.com , MUSIC Bank – http://oneasiaa.files.wordpress.com , CUBE – http://media.livenationinternational.com/ , LKFF – http://2.bp.blogspot.com )


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