Calling all Boices and Primadonnas

With Shinee performing, Big Bang winning a EMA and Cube due to have a concert NEXT MONTH, Kpop is clearly making its mark on the UK.  But company CJ E&M are out to prove that there is much more to the Korean music industry then just dancing groups.

Happy FNC Family

Happy FNC Family

It has been confirmed that FNC are planning to expand FT Island and CN Blue’s musical careers in the UK and both bands are currently preparing to play in the UK and France next year! :D  With Legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling stones, Sex Pistols and Oasis hailing from our shores, the UK has always been considered a Mecca for many bands all over the world.  So where else would be a better starting destination for bands such as FT Island and CN Blue to show the world that Korea is not just about pop.

ft island

FT Island

During interviews, both bands have refered to western artists being their inspiration.  CN Blue’s Leader YongHwa was converted to band music when he heard Bon Jovi’s famous “Its my life” and “Always” whilst JungShin’s love for rock came from Mr Big, a powerful band refered to as an American Rock Supergroup.  Minhyuk the drummer mentions how Maroon 5 inspired them to diversify their band style and last but not least, Lead Guitarist Jonghyun named our very own Eric Clapton as the musician he has admired his whole life. FT Island’s base guitarist also accredited British sensation Radiohead as a band that deeply influenced him and that the first song he learn to play was Creep.  Source : cnbluestorm and FTisland livejournal

CN Blue

CN Blue

The CEO of FT Island and CN Blue’s agency also adds “Although there is pressure to extend our career overseas, right into the home of band music, on the other hand, I actually did expect this could happen. When I look at our band seniors, I am confident that Korean band music is not at all behind the world-class standard.“  This shows what great confidence the agency have in the bands so lets hope that we get to see FT Island and CN blues on British soil soon!!!

FT Island Hello Hello.  CN Blue I’m a Loner

This international cross over was organised by the company CJ E&M who are working on helping Korean artists engage with the international market actively.  Manager Ahn Seck Jun of CJ E&M stated that “we plan to introduce not only idol bands but also various genre bands to Europe and other countries”.  We thoroughly look forward to being introduced to a wider variety of music from the Korean music industry!!! CJ E&M also recently had a press conference with six music entertainment companies including: Cube Entertainment (B2ST, 4MINUTE), Star Empire (Z:EA, Jewelry), Amoeba Culture (Dynamic Duo), Jungle Entertainment (Drunken Tiger, Leessang), J-Tune Entertainment (MBLAQ!!!) and of course FNC Music.  Korean Class Massive are excited!!!! So this is definitely not the last you will hear of CJ E&M and lets hope this is only the beginning of their Korean music movement.  UK Kpop fans rejoice!!!!  And look forward to the Korean band invasion :D Source : Kpopconcerts

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