Watch out Camden – K-Rock and Visual Kei coming your way!

The UK may be going crazy for Kpop recently, but with FT island and CN Blue planning a concert over here next year, we can’t forget that Korea has a lot more to offer music wise. Luckily for us, next February we’ll be treated to an eclectic music mix, not just from Korea, but part of Japan’s Visual Kei scene will be heading over to London’s iconic Camden town too. With Satsuki and Kaya giving the evening a Visual Kei dimension, and Story Seller and Choi SooMin doing it for Korea, it’s going to be one heck of a night!

Japan : Kaya and Satsuki.    Korea : Storyseller and Choi SooMin

Japan : Kaya and Satsuki. Korea : Storyseller and Choi SooMin

Camden’s The Underworld is well known across London and the UK, and seems like the perfect setting for this assorted bunch of musicians. If you’re free on the 21st February, you should definitely check this gig out. Tickets are £25, which may seem a bit on the steep side, but for the experience of the night and a rare night of Japanese and Korean musicians together, it’s one night that will be worth it. You can get your tickets here.

Let’s take a look through the line up…..

In Korea, while we have the boys being represented in mainstream pop rock by bands such as TRAX, CN Blue and FT Island, who’s doing it for the girls?

Story Seller that’s who!

Story Seller London

Though you may not have heard of this four member girl band before, we can assure you they’re well known in Seoul’s indie music scene. Having been around for longer than you think, since 2005, they’ve undergone a name change (from Bloody Cookie), and have already released their third album. Phew! They’ve been busy girls. With musical tastes including bands such as the British legends Queen, to the lesser known Shasta Daisy, they’ve got a eclectic range of influences. With their musical style having changed and progressing somewhat over the years, they’ve recently been receiving more attention and this year released Super Girl along with a fun music video.

I think you’ll all agree that Binna’s voice has a great mature sound to it, and makes a change from the sometimes overly sugary sweet tones that we hear in Kpop.

Sources for Story Seller: krokstoryseller

Marking a slight change in musical genre is the other Korean act that will be performing. Choi SooMin specialises in composing piano-pop pieces that will leave you feeling upbeat and with a warm feeling. Although this style might seem in stark contrast with the style of Story Seller, the calm and melodic tunes of Choi SooMin are sure to add a welcome bit of calm to the night, and allow the audience a chance to wind down and appreciate the simplicity of his songs.

Watch out Camden - K-Rock and Visual Kei coming your way!

And what about who’s representing Visual Kei? Well, Kaya and Satsuki are coming over from Japan to rock out. You can find out more about them here as we’re not quite so up to scratch on our J-Rock. However, judging from some of their videos, it’s sure to be one great gig!

So come one, come all, and join in the festivities of what should be a fun and exciting night for all!

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