Youtube to launch Kpop channel

Youtube to launch Kpop channel

With music videos such as Hyuna’s Bubble pop reaching over 21 million views and Superjunior’s Mr Simple clocking over 26 million views in less then a year, it wasn’t going to take long for Super company Google to take notice. With legendary international acts such as Lady Gaga gaining around 145 million views for her debut single (Ladygagavevo) and Kpop classics such as Gee receiving over 57 million views this is a clear sign that Kpop from this little country in Asia is catching up in the popularity stakes worldwide.

 Superjuniors Mr Simple received over 26 million views in 3 months.

Google has decided to ride the Hallyu wave and help Kpop in its charge towards worldwide domination.

On November 7th, it has been revealed that Google Inc. may start a video streaming service on YouTube for South Korean pop music, tapping the genre’s worldwide popularity. Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt headed to Seoul and met President Lee Myungbak and other executives at several Korean IT firms to discuss a team-up on planning to set up a YouTube channel for Kpop. The President’s office revealed that Schmidt told the President, “The channel on Google’s free video site would help spread the ‘Korean Wave’ and cement ties between the world’s largest search engine operator and South Korea.

With Google on board, the Hallyu wave is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.  With YouTube being the most used video sharing website, this move will make Kpop more available to the masses and easier to be discovered by unsuspecting future fangirls.  And fanboys will no longer need to wait for a pal to inform them of the hot new girl band debuting as all Kpop information would be available readily on one easy YouTube channel. This move will no doubt help promote Kpop to every corner of the world and help boost interest in the super awesome country that is Korea.

Youtube to launch Kpop channel
 credit : English chosun

Google’s Mr Schmidt said the company is pursuing several avenues to help spread Korean cultural content, of which a dedicated K-pop channel is one.  Mr Schmidt seems to be super keen on helping Korea spread the culture and the songs of Kpop.  Could he be a closet SNSD fan? Another idea up Mr Sone Schmidts sleeve is using YouTube’s live streaming capabilities to transmit Korean Wave concerts in real time. Another idea being mulled is the creation of a film production studio for small and mid-sized content developers in Korea. Wow, this is a man with a plan!!!

Kpop have always been very present on youtube.  It is THE go to source for Kpop fans everywhere.  Cheong Wa Dae official has stated that

YouTube played a huge role in attracting fans to this musical genre from around the world”.   With research showing: More than 5 million K-pop videos have already been uploaded on YouTube by fans, including 400,000 featuring boy band TVXQ, 400,000 of all-girl dance group Kara, 340,000 for Girls’ Generation, 270,000 by Super Junior and 260,000 by the Wonder Girls. 

And that’s not including the masses of videos that are constantly being removed due to copyright issues etc etc, this just proves the popularity of Kpop!!! Although Korean Class Massive are a bit shocked to not see SHINee on the list with the amount of random fancams and fanmade vids that we’re constantly stumbling upon.

Hello Hello SHINee Parody

But when searching under the key word “K-pop,” only 600.000 videos appear as they were uploaded on different channels according to the various management companies, musical groups and individuals that shared the content, making it harder to search for specific content. 

But this nightmare will soon be over as if Mr Shawol Schmidt of YouTube gets his way, the creation of the Kpop channel will cleverly link names of performers and make YouTube searches more comprehensive!!!

This is also great news for smaller management companies as this move will help them bring their acts to a worldwide audience without the expensive price tag and Kpop fans everywhere will have a lot more option to choose from!!!

A staffer at a mid-sized management agency said, “It will be a big help for small management agencies [like us] which cannot easily take their singers overseas to perform or put on big shows, as their singers will be featured on the same forum as Girls’ Generation, Big Bang and other bands that are hugely popular.

Youtube to launch Kpop channel

YouTube has already been seen as the way to go as the music giants in Korea such as SM, YG and JYP have already started their own you tube accounts and fully utilising you tube for promotional purposes.  It is believed that SM has a special on-line management team staffed by 10 employees to govern its content on the site, while JYP has separate teams of three to four workers who handle YouTube content for individual performers.  YouTube’s plan will give them a helping hand as it allows videos uploaded by a particular company or individual to be gathered in one place. This can be done by adding tags such as “/smtown” or “/YGEntertainment” after the site’s address.  Initially, K-pop coverage on the site appeared in the form of blogs containing individually uploaded videos, but various editing functions have since become available prompting famous artists, music labels and movie production companies to use the platform as a more effective advertising tool.

But is this such a good move?   Will this be the end of cute fanmade videos being hit with mountains of copyright issues.  Will this be the end of fangirl friendly YouTube as companies start banking on the YouTube gravy train? And will this really enhance Kpop? Or would this result in a information overload for kpop fans and cause searching for that cute video you saw that one time with Mir and Seungho from MBLAQ speaking English mean trawling through masses of videos all listed under MBLAQ???

So what do you think about this move for a Kpop channel? And do you have any random/wtf favourite Kpop YouTube videos?? Korean Class Massive are always happy to spend a couple of random hours on youtube so please do let us know!!!  Sources : dkpopnews chosun


What would YouTube be like without this kind of utter random brilliance?


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