Kpop available at

Many UK Kpop fans have spotted Kpop CDs being sold at Oxford Street HMV store but now it seems that HMV’s website have also started selling Kpop CD!!!!

Kpop becomes available at

Two Superjunior albums available

SNSD's Run Devil Run available

SNSD’s Run Devil Run available

And of course there is Shinee.

And of course there is Shinee.

But then, after a bit of clicking around… WE HIT THE JACKPOT

When we clicked on New Asian releases we spotted a MASSIVE number of Korean albums available and a lot of them Kpop!!!  There are also some fairly new releases like Kara’s Step and Sistar’s So Cool!!!  Including one or two surprises such as Girls’ Day!!! We have noticed a bit of a girlband bias though… Could the official HMV Kpop buyer be an Ahjusshi fan? :P

Kpop becomes available at

Check out all the Korean music that is available!!! All stamped with the Korean Class Massive Daebak sign for your convenience!!! :D And this is just the new releases!!! If you search for Davichi, Infinite and Boa, there are even more albums!!!  No Big Bang yet though even after winning a MTV EMA.  Hurry up and catch up HMV!!!! And please can we have artwork soon!!! Just imagine how beautiful it will be :D

Has anyone purchased Kpop albums from HMV yet?  How do you feel about the prices? Please let us know how you feel and which albums you are most looking forward to being available!!!

p.s And just incase Mr HMV is reading, here is some Big Bang for you.  :D


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