Kpop found in HMV store!

After finding quite a few Kpop albums on HMV’s website in yesterdays post, hard working Korean Class MASSIVE members trekked to HMV’s Oxford Circus branch in search for actual Kpop albums in the flesh. And what success we had!!!

HMV Kpop Shinee

Minho portraying the WIN we’re feeling right now *punches sky*

HMV KPOP World musicThe Korean section can be found downstairs in the corner to the right of the till. As you can see there are signs for China, Tibet and Japan etc. You cannot see the Korean sign as it’s being covered by awesomeness. Kpop are known to have extremely elaborate album designs and of all different shapes and sizes.

HMV Kpop LondonAs you can see there are quite a few Korean music CDs, but what Kpop albums are currently available at HMV Oxford Circus? Unfortunately there is only one Shinee album available in store atm as shown above. And they also seem to be the only boyband available in store at the moment.

Other Kpop fans have also reported seeing 2ne1 and Infinite albums but they must have all been snapped up by fellow Kpop fans already. So who plans to head down to HMV soon to grab themselves some HMV goodies? Or do the prices seem a bit off-putting??? And if anyone spots Kpop albums at any other stores please let us know as so far Kpop has only been spotted at this Oxford Circus branch.

p.s Korean Class MASSIVE would like to introduce you to this:

10 cm (십센치) 1.0 First album

10 cm (십센치) 1.0 First album

They are a indie band and here is some information from Wiki : The band has two male members, Kwon Jung Yeol and Yoon Cheol Jong. Since its debut in 2010 with the release of 10cm The First EP, the band has been a rookie among other Korean bands. The band won “This Year’s Discovery Award” at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and “Best Pop Single Award” at the 2011 Korean Music Awards.Jung-Yul Kwon is the main vocalist in the group and plays the jembe, a type of percussion played with bare hands. Chul-Jong Yoon plays the guitar. The name of the band, 10 cm, means the difference in the heights of two members.(lol)

And with that we leave you with a nice 10 cm tune and we wish you all a nice and relaxing Friday.

오늘 밤은 어둠이 무서워요- Winner of Best Pop Single award 2011


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