LKFF: Closing Gala – The Unjust ( 부당거래)

Sadly the London Korean Film Festival has officially come to an end with the showing of Director Ryoo Seung Wan’s latest feature film The Unjust and a Q&A sessions after. Why don’t you check out the trailer, I’m sure that the complicated character relationships and story lines will grab your attention in no time.

Unjust Korean FilmThe Movie: With an opening scene of two policemen chasing down a suspect with their guns ready to shot, The Unjust promises to be all about the action and adrenaline present in the life of law enforcers. The very next scene however completely contradicts to this by showing the pressure placed upon the justice system for a Caught, Trailed and Jailed process in high profile cases, thus starting the beginnings of this very intricate cover up filled with double crossing, unexpected twists and more back stabbing.

Report Card:
While watching The Unjust I do admit I was a little confused as to what was going on for the first few minutes as it had jumped right into the middle of the plot forcing the audience to pay attention. After the initial confusion though everything became clear. Ryoo Seung Wan had developed each of the characters to the point where as a member of the audience I felt that I knew them. Not only were the characters very intriguing but as the film went on it became more captivating because of the characters and all the twists (yes, there are quite a few of them) Ryoo Seung Wan incorporated. And for those of you who appreciate a good fight scene or two, get ready because The Unjust has a few fights that will leave you feeling the pain like you had just involuntary participated! This is definitely a film I would recommend. And so we at Korean Class MASSIVE gives this film a…

Daebak Star

Q&A Session:

Ryoo Seung Wan London 1

An introduction at the beginning, Ryoo Seung Wan showed his humour by counting the number of empty chairs in the cinema (4) and how it made him unhappy. Then later on spotting an extra empty seat (one of ours), joked around by saying that seeing as the screening had not sold out (referring to the empty seats) the least we as an audience could do was try our hardest to enjoy the film as he had tried his hardest to make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t worry, the cinema was packed to the brim in the end.

Ryoo Seung Wan London 2

Ryoo Seung Wan answering questions and passing the microphone to his translator for us non-Korean speakers.

Question asked “After watching this film, some people might think you have a very cynical view on the Korean Justice System. Can you explain what you were thinking when you decided to film The Unjust?” (Sorry about the low quality video, I had forgotten my camera so this is from my phone!)

Ryoo Seung Wan London 3

When the Q&A session was over everyone went out into the lobby for the LKFF Closing reception where we were joined by Ryoo Seung Wan. The director kindly accepted autographs and pictures with his fans at the reception and we were also able to snap a few comical photographs while waiting.

But we thought we should end with a charismatic photo of the director. For he is truly one BIG talent to keep an eye on!

Ryoo Seung Wan London 8


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