Christmas Lights and Arirang @ Piccadilly

The Christmas lights are on in London and there is something new on the infamous Piccadilly lights:

Christmas Lights and Arirang @ Piccadilly

It’s Memory, It’s Sensation, It’s History It’s Soul… It is the Genuine music of Korea…

Arirang 아리랑

Christmas Lights and Arirang @ Piccadilly

Copy of advert here (with music!)

What is Arirang?  Arirang is a Korean folk song and according to Wikipedia: Arirang is an ancient native Korean word with no direct modern meaning. There are lots of different types of Arirangs hailing from all over Korea, the original is believed to be the Jeongseon Arirang which has been sung for over 600 years!  But the most famous one is the Seoul Arirang which makes sense as its the capital and all :P Visit wiki for some very interesting stuff, it even has translated lyrics!!!

An example of classic Arirang

Here is a Video of Sorea, demonstrating what Arirang is with a modern twist in New York.  They are a band that plays traditional Korean instruments and this is a perfect example of the kind of fusion music they do.

Sorea has actually been to London before as part of the Thames Festival back in 2009, here is a video of some awesome drumming:

Arirang is a genuinely beautiful and serene sound.  When you hear it you can just picture scenic mountains and rivers and the beautiful scenery of Korea. Today it is considered to be the national anthem of Korea and its definitely a tune that many people instantly relate to the beautiful country of Korea :)

Kpop bonus:

And as you can see Arirang is still very much present in Korean Culture today.  If you have any Arirang videos and examples please share with us old or new!


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