iPhone apps and Kpop

SM has released Apps where you can play rhythm games to your favourite Kpop tunes on your iphone/itouch!

So far there has only been apps created for Superjunior and SNSD. But this is not the first time Kpop has appeared in mainstream English language apps!!! One of the most popular tap tap tap to the rhythm game available on the app store on itunes is Tap Tap Revenge 4!!!! This app is FREE, but you will have to pay to download and play the Kpop songs. Check out all the Kpop songs available!!!

The first Kpop songs to be featured in this game was Big Bang and GD & Top. After a short while fellow YG Family members 2NE1 also had songs available for you to tap away to, along with Taeyang! And after some further searching we also found us some Wondergirls! These games require you to tap to the rhythm of the songs. Kind of like a DDR for your fingers :D

Screen shots of game play.  You need to tap the balls when they reach the bottom.  p.s Check out Dara the cool clown :P

Like Tap Tap Revenge, the SM App is free but they include 2 FREE songs! The free songs available on Super Junior Shake is the classic U and the epic Superman which is super fun. But the SNSD shake is a little less generous with the free songs being less well known songs. For the more popular songs such as the main singles from their latest album you will have to pay.

Below is a super awesome Kpop fan demonstrating how to rock Superjunior’s Mr Simple. It’s so fast how can she even see when to tap!!! This is some crazy skills!!! You should also check out when she plays on hidden mode O_O SKILLS!The gameplay is also slightly different in that it requires you to slide around around the screen and theres some shaking involved which makes the game all that more fun yet super complicated for uncoordinated people… like me :P

Kpop with their fast beats and catchy songs are perfect for these kind of games. Why didn’t they think of it earlier! After some searching around, we also found an app called Tap Sonic which is the same concept as Tap Tap Revenge but features a lot more Kpop songs. A Kpop fan heaven.

We think this app is actually produced by Korea and like all the other apps its free to download from the iTunes app store and has some free songs available to play but you will have to purchase additional songs with credits which some reviewers have said can get a bit expensive on the app website. I’ve heard a Rainbow song being played but we haven’t had much of a chance to play this game yet as internet connection is required for game play which is easy enough in Korea as almost everywhere is wifi enabled but harder for us UK folks. So if anyone knows what free songs are available please let us know!!! *update: Free songs include U-Kiss, Infinite, Orange Caramel, Big Bang and Rainbow! ADDICTIVE!

Tap Sonic kpop tracks

So have you downloaded these apps? Which is your favourite song to tap tap tap away to? And what’s your top score on these addictive rhythm games?


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