Who are Cube?

With all this hype around the United Cube in London concert on twitter, the blogsphere and now hitting British newspapers as seen here. We thought we would give you an introduction to the artist you will be seeing at the Cube concert.  We have posted about the United Cube concert here before and how disastrous it was for Cube to make it over here so come on people lets show them our support!

Who are Cube?

First to debut from the United Cube family was 4Minute (Korean: 포미닛) back in June 2009.  They have since released a string of successful singles as well as debuting in Japan with dedicated Japanese single (in that Japanese singles were especially made rather then translating their Korean singles).  This band have also been hit with censorship problems from as early as their second single which was deemed too lyircally saucy.  Their latest single Mirror Mirror was also hit by controversy as the dance was said to be too sexy and the girls removed the part where they dropped to their knees rendering the knee pads of their stage outfits useless and silly looking.  Korea why are you stopping 4Minute from being their sexy selfs? They can’t help it they were born this way!

Who are Cube?4Minute consists of  (from Left to Right):
Kwon SoHyun the Maknae
Jeon Jiyoon (Pink Jacket)
Kim Hyuna in the chair
(originally from Wondergirls)
Heo Gayoon
The Leader Nam Jihyun
Official fan club name is “4Nia” – a combination of 4Minute and mania.


2AM parodying Hot Issue, 4Minutes debut single.  It’s always an honour in Kpop world to be parodied
Next to debut from the United Cube camp is the ever so popular BEAST or B2ST (Korean: 비스트).  BEAST stands for Boys of the EAst Standing Tall and B2ST is an acronym for Boys 2 Search for Top (???).  Officially I think they like to be called BEAST but their First Mini-album was called Beast Is The B2ST.  BEAST debuted in Oct 2009 and like their band mates 4Minute, have also since debuted in Japan.  BEAST won the Rookie of the month award in Dec 2009 within 2 months of their debut and have since grown MASSIVELY in the Kpop world.  Known for their super awesome dancing, BEAST’s performances are always a joy to experience.

Who are Cube?BEAST consists of (from Left to Right):
Yong Jun-hyung
Son Dong-woon
Lee Kikwang
Yang Yoseob
The Leader Yoon Doojoon
(Trained with One Day 2pm and 2am)
Jang Hyun-seung
(originally 6th Member in Big Bang!)
Official fan club name is “B2uty” – Pronounced Beauty.  Needs no explanation
BEAST substituting for T-ara YA YA YA
Last but not least it’s the Solo artist of the Concert G.Na!!! G.Na is her stage name and she is otherwise known as Gina Choi.  She is a Korean Canadian that speaks both English and Korean which has come in handy during Cube’s reign of the Hallyu wave. G.Na debuted in July 2010 with a duet with the Kpop Legend that is Rain 비 and her latest single Top Girl became a huge hit and quickly established G.Na as a serious contender in the circle of Solo Kpop artists. G.Na is also known and very much loved for having what Korean’s call a “Glamorous” body, that means sexy and curvacious to us UK folk.  But this caused her great controversy in the beginning of her career as surgery rumours spread in the Kpop world.   G.Na has denied all rumours and have even said that she used to be embarrassed about her body.  The world of Kpop is full of people constantly judging and ridiculing your appearances, we hope that G.Na doesn’t let this get her down and that she realises how super hot she is!!! If not, we’re sure Gok Wan would very happily be of assistance! :D

There are currently a limited number of tickets left for the United Cube Concert in London on the 5th December!!! Or if you’re feeling lucky, a number of Kpop dedicated sights such as Soompi are giving away tickets as well as British Newspaper Metro here who have 30 pairs of tickets to give away!!!
Who are Cube?

Support the Cube family!
Sources : Facebook United Cube and Wiki and allkpop


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