London Flashmob with Cameo Appearance

London Kpop Flashmob 2011 1

London Trafalgar SquareLately, Europe and the USA have been going flash mob crazy for Kpop. Not only do flash mobs show Korean entertainment companies that Kpop culture is alive and popular in their country, it also gives people the chance to come together, meet fellow fans, make friends, and most importantly, have fun! And the UK is no different, here, people who love Kpop want to show the world that we’re part of the Hallyu wave too! This lead to Saturday’s Kpop flash mob, as organised by KLUE (Kpop Lovers United Events) which has over 1000 members! Check out some of the great videos from the day!

KCM set out on a sunny yet rather chilly and blustery Saturday morning to find out what all this flash mobbing is about. Having arrived at the place of the flash mob, Trafalgar Square, about a half hour before the mob was meant to begin, we enjoyed the general sights and sounds of the area.

London Trafalgar Square Gallery

At 12pm, when it was meant to start, there was still no sign of anything flashy or mobby going on. We began scouting the area to see whether we could spot anyone who looked like they may be there for the same reason we were.

After a short while and a few facebook messages, we found some fellow Kpop enthusiasts and got chatting.  A lot of these girls were hardcore Kpop fans, their knowledge of bands were immense and they were all very friendly.  In the end, between 40 and 50 people turned up and it was time to start dancing!

Even though we had quite a strong crowd, only around 20 danced, so quite a small flash mob. But among these were some really great dancers who seemed to know every Kpop dance out there and not just the chorus!!! We have no idea how they managed to remember all the moves but we were all impressed with their skills and the effort that they’d obviously put behind their practice.  Britain DEFINITELY has TALENT!!!

The range of Kpop songs they danced to was a mix of old:

New releases:

The Boys

Be My Baby

and even rookie bands like Chocolat!!!

UK Kpoppers definitely know their Kpop!!!

The only downer we can put on the event as a whole is that there were a few buskers doing performances right behind the KLUE crew and the KLUE speakers were constantly battling with the sound of professional buskers and their microphones. But, we must give it to the guys of KLUE, that set back didn’t put them down one bit, they simply showed their determination to make it a successful flash mob and kept on dancing! Give it up for the KLUE Crew!

While the KLUE dance crew were in the middle of Abracadabra by B.E.G. we realised that everyone had suddenly stopped what they were doing and started screaming. Wondering what all the fuss was about we looked in the direction of every ones screams… *Watch the series of events unfold in our video below

None other than the famous twins, Jedward came running into Trafalgar Square alongside a newly married couple (Jedward are currently participating in a show where they organize weddings for a lucky number of couples)! What a shocker!  A strange and random cameo indeed!

Londo n Flashmob with Cameo Appearance

For more Flashmob videos check out our Youtube channel! Other songs include:  2NE1, 2pm, T-ara, Superjunior, Miss A and Shinee.  UK Kpop fans really are dedicated!!!

And with only 1 week left till CUBE, UK shows Cube Ent how excited we are with some Bubble pop!


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