Bibimbap (Soho, London) – Restaurant Review

bibimbap sohoWhen you feel like some bibimbap, where better place to start looking for some quality offerings than a place called Bibimbap!

Bibimbap Soho:
11 Greek Street
020 7287 3434
Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road
Pricing: Bowl of bibimbap £6.45 – £9.45, side dish £1.45 – £5.25
Hours: Mon – Sat 12-3pm | 6pm-11pm  / Sun closed
Menu can be seen here
Vegetarian Option: Yes
Notes: There is downstairs seating but the place is quite small so parties larger than 5 may have trouble sitting together during busy times. PLUS they only make reservations of parties of 10 people and above.

Don’t forget to ask for your picture to be taken to add to the wall!

bibimbap soho london 1

The cute and cosy, but modern looking restaurant is right in the heart of Greek Street. It looks rather inconspicuous, but cleanly simple, from the outside so your eye may not be immediately attracted to it. Be sure not to walk past it however, as it’s a gem of a restaurant.

bibimbap soho london 2We managed to be seated right away as we turned up at around 6.15pm, after it had opened again for the evening. A waitress was kind enough to add a chair to a table for two to accommodate us, so once we had sat down, we got settled and grabbed our menus to check out what was available to us. As we were all very hungry, it didn’t take long for us to decide what we wanted. Thankfully, the service was great and our orders were taken really quickly. We decided to get a different Bibimbap each and a couple of side orders.

One thing we did note is that some of the side dishes cost nearly as much as the bowls of bibimbap. In other places we’ve been, side dishes on average have been cheaper. However, as you’re mainly here for the Bibimbap, and it’s at such a good price, we didn’t mind too much.

Our Korean Green Tea came quickly after ordering, and was a nice welcome addition. There are only two cups as one of us isn’t a green tea fan. The tea, still steaming, had just been boiled so the cups were too hot to pick up right away, though the warmth of the pot and cups was a bonus on such a cold day.

bibimbap soho london 3

We were so hungry, we started on the side dishes straight away. The starters we ordered were Prawn Katsu, Kimchi Pancakes, and some Kimchi. The Kimchi was very nice – mildly spicy and not too fermented, though was finished in a couple of chopstick fulls. The Kimchi Pancakes were crisp and tasty. There was some debate as to whether these were better than the ones at Assa or not (though we can be sure at Assa the portion is bigger). The Prawn Katsu was both crisp and tender in one bite. Although it was warm, there was a faint coolness to the actual prawn which inadvertently softened the crispness of the tempura. This was a welcome feeling once the Bibimbaps arrived.

And now for the star of the show, the Bibimbap!

A quick how to eat your bibimbap:
Break the egg, mix it up.
Add chili sauce (gochujang)
Mix some more.
Add more chili sauce if necessary
Mix till you are satisfied

Spicy Pork Bibimbap

This bibimbap was very good. The amount of spice was enough to satisfy lovers of hot food, but not so hot that it would be off putting for those with more delicate taste buds. We were given oyster sauce and chili sauce (gochujang) to add extra flavour if we wanted. This dish (as did the other two bibimbaps) did not originally have a fried egg with them, but we added them on for an extra £1. The only bibimbap to have an egg included is the dolsot bibimbap.When the bibimbap arrived, the bowl was sizzling hot like we hoped. After admiring the pretty presentation for a second, the dish was mixed up. This dish had a really good flavour, and the textures of the fried rice at the edges of the bowl really added something extra. The pork was delicious, but I wished there had been more in the bowl as I found less strips of pork than I was hoping. I really enjoyed the mix of vegetables in there, and was glad I opted for the egg on top. Having never had hot cucumber before, I was surprised at how well is worked when cooked. The whole dish was extremely moreish, and I could have easily eaten another bowl right then (although my waistline would have paid).

Chilli Chicken Bibimbap
bibimbap soho london 6The Chilli Chicken Bibimbap was quite suggestive as to how hot it was going to be. However when I actually tasted it, I thought that personally it was not as hot as I would have liked it to be, so I was very thankful for the chilli sauce provided by the waitress. Once I had gotten my bibimbap to the right level of spice there was nothing else to do but dig in. The chicken was once again a very cool companion to the heat from the food (both spice and temperature) and soothed my burning tongue. It was well cooked and still quite juicy which only added to the flavour of the dish as a whole. The only thing wrong with the chicken was that there wasn’t all that much of it, so I found myself saving the big bits till last. I did find however that towards the end the mushrooms started to overpower the taste of some other ingredients and start to feel a little slimy for my liking. All in all, I quite liked the Chilli Chicken Bibimbap, however I must admit that the Beef one is still my favourite.

Beef Bulgogi

bibimbap soho london 7I am the wimp of the Korean Class MASSIVE, I cannot take spicy foods very well.  This Beef Bool Go Gi was perfect for me, it was very tasty without the chilli sauce and equally delicious when I was feeling a bit brave and added (a tiny) bit of the chilli sauce.  Just thinking about it gets my mouth watering.  There was a very generous amount of beef and it was very flavourful, a perfect ratio of fillings, meat and rice :D  The bibimbap bowls kept the rice nice and hot throughout the meal which is very appreciated on a cold winter evening.  It is perfect winter comfort food, very filling, bool go gi bibimbaps are quickly becoming a favourite dish of mine!

Report Card:
Overall we are very satisfied with the quality of the food and the selection they have. The only slight down point is that the starters pricier then some restaurants but its not that bad. It won’t stop us from returning that’s for sure!!! We absolutely love the atmosphere of the restaurant that is perfect for catch up and dates. There’s even bar seating for solo diners so you won’t feel #forever alone if dining solo because sometimes you just want to chow down some good Korean food!!!Bibimbap is a brilliant beginners Korean restaurant as the menu is number coded for those shy of mispronouncing dishes and the dishes are fully described in the menu so you know what to expect. The waitresses will also very happily explain to you what needs to be done and tell you what the condiments are etc.

We give this restaurant…..

Good star


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