More Kpop @ HMV

Mr. HMV the ajusshi fan has worked his magic again as Korean Class MASSIVE hit the MOTHER LOAD.

HMV Kpop motherload

First off we went to the usual Asia section and found lots of new album added to the Korea section.  Below are the albums that are available. Can you spot what new albums have come in compared to our last trip to HMV?

More Kpop @ HMV

These are some of new albums available:

You can see why we assume Mr. HMV is a ajusshi fan.  Totally girl band bias.  But check out what else is there… A whole little collection of Super Junior albums!!!  Theres Mr Simple Ver A, B, Super Show 3 and Super Junior’s first album Super Junior 05 with the elusive Kibum on the cover!

HMV Update: Cheaper @ HMV online + Free Delivery!

And because we are super detectives.  We also spotted a little back up stock at the bottom:

More Kpop @ HMV
Lots of extra G.Na ready for Cube next week!
After taking the photos we started to leave, but luckily we walked the other way towards the till, turned the corner and LOW AND BEHOLD : A KPOP DISPLAY!  The extra CDs was:
More Kpop @ HMV
The Leeteuk version of Mr Simple!!!
More Kpop @ HMV

More SM Town, lots of copies of SNSD and SUPER SHOW 3!!!

More Kpop @ HMV

And they’ve finally restocked 2NE1!!!

For all those attending CUBE hoping to attempt to get an album to be signed, unfortunately we could not find any 4minute and Beast albums.  But during the Thames festival – Korean Calling, Cube Ent had a stand selling album so hopefully they will have a stand at Brixton next Monday!!! And from what I remember, they were also selling it at more competitive prices.  Just don’t forget your sharpies!!! Korean Class MASSIVE personally suggest gold and silver markers as they will be more visible! AND DON’T FORGET TO TAKE OFF THE PLASTIC COVER! You’re welcome UK Kpop fans! :D

3 responses to “More Kpop @ HMV

  1. i went to the biggest hmv store in london couple weeks ago and they had 3 kpop albums, after reading that that store had tons i was so excited to go but then so upset to see hardly anything there!!!

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