Type A, Type O, My Boyfriend is a Type B

BF type BMost people in the UK don’t know their blood types, in fact, not even our doctors know. I once went for a blood test and thought I’d ask out of curiosity seeing as they are testing my blood anyways, but I was told that the only way to find out is to go give blood and they will check it for you. I stare at her blank faced as she holds a test tube filled with my precious blood…

But first a Character Analysis Question:
Say you come home and realise your wife is cheating on you in the bedroom. Do you:

1. Pull out the sword and charge in
2. Hesitate what to do holding the door handle
3. Make a hole in the door and peep in
4. You call the police and sue for adultery

Blood types Korea

These screen shots from the movie explains why the options are a bit historical…
excusing the mobile phone :P

This is the question a matchmaker in My Boyfriend is a Type B (B형 남자친구, 2005) who uses blood types to arrange marriages uses to determined what blood type Ha-Mi’s Boyfriend is. And yes you’ve guessed it right, he is a Type B

In the Kpop world it is common knowledge that MBLAQ members are all type As, the band name B1A4 stands for their blood types, 1 member is type B and the other 4 is A. If you are regular viewer of Korean Variety shows, you may have noticed that they talk about blood types a lot too, everyone seems to know what blood type they are and everyone seems to know what they mean when someone says: “Because hes a type B!” The legendary Heechul of Superjunior regularly talks about his Joker Ball gang of mostly AB blood types. The slogan of his gang is “Little bit psycho at first but attractive as you get to know them”. Here Heechul describes a typical Chocoball gathering:

But what on Earth does all this blood talk mean?!

The Korea Blog seems to be psychic (what blood type is that?) as they recently came out with the blog post What’s your bloodtype? – The Stereotypes BINGO! The reason everyone seems to know their blood types is because most Koreans take a form of the blood type test in middle school biology class while learning the law of heredity. So whilst we were just making charts of hair and eye colours to learn about DNA and genes, the other side of the world was testing their own blood. Although The Korea Blog points out the biology class test isn’t 100% accurate as some people get surprised during medical checkups in their adult years.

There is a theory that certain blood types have certain personality traits. And although not all Koreans believe this theory or take it seriously, it is often mentioned and is very common knowledge, especially for comical reasons. Hence the movie My Boyfriend is Type B! But what is the legitimacy of all this blood type affecting a person? In the movie, the matchmaker goes on to explain that “Blood consists of hormones, neurotransmitters etc, deep inside the brain lies a molecular clock, blood circulates through cells, controlling a molecular clock thus it controls ones health and destiny”. I’m not exactly sure how accurate that translation is nor do I actually understand exactly what it all means but she is seriously convincing. But Mr Type B points out it’s nothing but prejudice, and 6 Billion people on earth all categorized by only 4 blood types? It doesn’t make sense. In actual fact there is not much scientific proof behind this theory. The Korea Blog even mentions how this theory actually have dark origins as a form of “scientific” racism used by Nazi Germany. But nowadays, this blood type theory is regarded as something along the lines of astrology and horoscopes.

So what blood type means what? Check out the The Korea Blog for full descriptions.

bf type b 2

Type As are suppose to be Introvert, Shy, Considerate, Kind, Perfectionist, Trusting, Rule-abiding, Slow at decisions, Emotionally Fragile. Ha-mi is the type A girlfriend in the movie, she is shown to be shy, obedient, considerate, a sort of push-over.She naively thinks that this chance encounter with Mr Type B must mean something and sticks with him though his type B ways. Her flatmate, the matchmaker is very against her dating Mr Type B as she feels they are all jerks.

Now, why is everyone so against the boyfriend type B Young Bin? Type Bs are Optimistic, Fearless, Self-centred, Curious, Spontaneous, Rule-breaker, Straightforward, Sharp concentration, Decisive. From the very beginning Young Bin is shown to be totally obnoxious, he cheats his team mates out of their cut after winning a basketball game which he made his girlfriend sit in his car for hours for, just so he can avoid getting a parking ticket. Brilliant first impressions, he is the epitome of an arrogant selfish jerk.

Type O’s are considered to be the best blood type. In the movie we see a rather unattractive man using the blood type based match making services. He asks for a tall beautiful woman earning over 40k; he wants to be a kept man. Chae Young the match maker and the flat mate of Ha-mi instantly guesses he is a B, but he insists she puts O down. Later on, the man returns to the match maker with a card to state that he is in fact the much coveted O to the disbelieve of the match maker. And with this news instantly increases his criteria to woman earning 100k and over… That O blood must really be magical Mr O.

There are no Type ABs in the movie but Heechul from Superjunior is the famous AB of South Korea and from the video above we can see that his “AB brothers” include FT Island’s Hongki and the famously arrogant Simon D of the Supreme Team. I think that paints a pretty good picture of what AB people are like.

heechul and AB Brothers

Sounds a bit like Mr Type B, but no, these type AB folk are different, we don’t hate these arrogant type ABs. In fact, they are very much loved. Heechul is extremely popular in South Korea and known for being eccentric? That’s the only way I can think to describe him. The Korea Blog basically says: TYPE AB is the riddle. They are indeed, Heechul’s explanation is also pretty accurate, describing this bunch of enigmatic idols as a little bit psycho at first but attractive as you get to know them. Or as Tara Palmer Tomkinson likes to say : A Tart with a heart :)

So what blood type do you think you are? How did you answer the Character Analysis question above?
Here’s another little test from the Korea Blog, when you walk into a room, do you:
A. Move to the side, near the wall to not attract attention?
B. Naturally stride into the centre of the room?
C. Do you waltz in head to a corner to daydream by yourself?
or D. Do you walk around the room introducing yourself and socialise?

Now be honest, don’t go and chance your answers to suit what you want to be. And before I reveal the answers and your possible blood type here is a little compatibility chart from Healthkicker:
A is most compatible with A and AB.
B is most compatible with B and AB.
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.
O is most compatible with O and AB.
And type O is considered to be the best and type AB to be the worst in South Korea.

Report card for : My Boyfriend is a Type B
OK starThis movie is CHEESY, your typical romcom. Ha-mi and Young Bin work really well together but Koreans have always been the king of romance. Even though Young Bin is suppose to portray this Jerky type, type B, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him a bit, the Koreans know how to pull at those heart strings. I will try not to ruin it for people who plan to watch it. But its your typical romcom so you can kinda guess what happens in the end. This is a nice no brainer feel good romcom but I must warn that its a total Chickflick, so guys beware! It was also quite interesting as they discuss the blood type theories. Too bad I don’t know what blood type I am, but what blood type are you? Answers below!

Type As get wishy-washy at the door (2) and (A)
Os charge in (1) and (D)
ABs take a peek in (3) and (C)
And Bs call the cops (4) and (B)


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