Delayed Sojourn Exhibition

From the 2nd-8th December, the Korean Cultural Centre in London holds the Delayed Sojurn exhibition. This is only on for a short amount of time, so be sure not to miss this lovely event.

KCCUK Delayed Sojourn Dec 2012

Find more information on the KCC website

“Delayed Sojourn- London, home away from home represents 16 artists who have various background and diverse media, such as sculpture, painting, photography, film, design, textile, ceramic, architecture organised by KAA UK (The Korean Artists Association in UK).”

Not only did the Korean Class MASSIVE crew have a lovely time looking at the exhibition, but we stopped to have a chat with the artist Kim Hyun Jun, one of the artists of Swarm With Me. Originally an architect, his piece certainly has many structural elements to it. Kim Hyun Jun said he spent a lot of time rigging up the bowls to the ceiling and working out the measurements so everything would be suspended at correct intervals. He said he also had to be careful when thinking about the weights of the bowls, and the tensile strength of the wire holding them up.

The piece itself, Kim Hyun Jun told us, represents ethnic minorities in a foreign country. While they may be living within a society, they can often feel isolated and like an outsider. Thus the use of a goldfish in a bowl, which is an archetypal image when images of isolation are brought up. Kim Hyun Jun seemed very enthusiastic when talking to us, and we appreciated him taking a little time out to talk with us.

We want to note that the installation had been checked over by professional aquatic persons, and at night, the goldfish were returned to a larger tank. Kim Hyun Jun was also adding oxygen to the bowls while we were there so can confirm they were in good health! Check out a few other photos we took on our way round…..


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