Making dreams come true – CJ E&M

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Whilst the idols of Cube are working hard and preparing for the first London Kpop showcase, we thought we would talk about one of the companies that are playing a huge part in making our dreams come true and bringing Kpop over to this side of the world. We have mentioned the company CJ E&M before in our post about FT Island and CN Blue coming to the UK. This international opportunity is realized through ‘M-Live’ a branded concert produced by CJ E&M. This branded concert will bring solo and joint concerts by Korean artists overseas and to engage them in the international market actively. And their Manager Ahn Seck Jun left us with a little tease stating that “we plan to introduce not only idol bands but also various genre bands to Europe and other countries”. Can’t wait!!! We’ve managed to track down their youtube page which have a variety of Korean music on. A great little place to discover new and different Korean music!

cj logo

And example of the different kind of Korean awesomeness that CJ E&M wants to share with us:

Which have some really good English lyrics such as “like a bug on the windscreen”. Far from the usual Robotronic Loverholic English we are used to in mainstream Kpop. The video itself is EPIC, the stuff you expect from top production action movies. Fun Fact: This video stars the singer Joon Mirae with her husband Tiger JK which explains the amazing chemistry!!!!

CJ E&M have been around for 15 years distributing contents of Korea and Asia all other the globe in the forms of movies, music, games and many more. Some of its recent work includes producing Mama Mia in Chinese for audiences in China and formed a business alliance with the Kpop giant that is JYPE in summer 2010.

If you are interested in more information about this company, check out their website HERE. The website is in English and they are involved with lots of things from Music Fesitvals, musicals to movies!!! One of their main aims is to increase oversea awareness of Korean and Asian content. So watch out for this company!!!

We expect them to bring us new and exciting things in 2012!!!


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