Kpop Practice videos

During our exploring of the new Youtube Kpop Channel as posted Here, we came across a dance practice video in Beast’s Playlist.  The awesome new Kpop channel is already helping us discover new and fun things! As much as we love the Kpop music shows’ cameramen for those close up of idols that sends fangirls into “spaz attacks”.  Sometimes, the amount of editing and close up can really ruin our enjoyment of the overall choreography of the dance routine.  Kpop are known for their super awesome dance routines and you really have to see the whole group to be able to appreciate the true awesomness of a dance.

Below is the Beast practice video for Soom we found.  Please make sure you watch the video to the end for some dorky Beast hilarity :D We thought we’d give you a little teaser with this snap shot:

Beast dance practice cube

Beast have always been well known for their dance, they are right up there as one of the Kpop boy groups with the most elborate dance routines executed in the most insync way; flawless. But this practice video still annoys me a little as it’s edited a bit with some close ups. But I love how they make the main focus member transparent so that you can fully see the choreography of the others.

The normal Kpop dance practice videos are normally shot just with one camera straight on, so the audience feels like they are just sat there in the dance studio watching their idols rehearse. This way you see the whole whole dance as it should be especially when there are group formation moves.

For example check out Shinee’s Lucifer, this is your standard practice video. In this video we are able to experience the dance routine better as we can see what all the members are doing and this dance is truly a complicated masterpiece. But because of close up’s during music shows, we never get to see certain parts of the dance routine demonstrating just how super insync Kpop bands such as Shinee can be!!! For example Minho’s rap part, during music shows this part of the dance is normally cut in with loads of Minho close ups so you never get to see just how brilliant the other 4 are dancing. (2.52)

Bonus : Check out how the song is slightly different to the version that was actually released. And how psychedelic is Taemin’s top O_O Hypnotic.

So if you are a fellow fan of Kpop dance as well as the song, make sure you check out the practice videos! It’s your chance to see your idols stripped of all the make up and costume and just doing what they do best in all its (dorky) glory! :D

Here are a few of Korean Class MASSIVE’s favourite practice videos:



2am doing a special parody edition of Miss A

And 2am are at it again! This time parodying Miss A. Its a shame that 2am the Ballad group only really get to show off their amazing dance skills in parody dances :P And no surprise to see that Hyunah’s bubble pop is the FIRST video to come up when you simple search “practice video” on youtube with over 1 million views!!! O_O Poor Hyunah you look so tired but still manage to have a smile on your face!!! Lets hope you get a chance to enjoy London and have a break of chill time during United Cube concert!!!

United Cube in less then 24 hours! Our chance to experience Kpop dance in real life!!! :D


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