Youtube Kpop Channel

Just a little over 2 weeks after our post about Youtube plans to launch a Kpop channel it seems that Mr Sone Schmidt has worked his magic and here it is:

Youtube Kpop Channel

We’ve had a look and it is chock-full of Korean music videos! They are currently pulling all the official music videos from official youtube accounts of music companies such as SMent, Wondergirls, LOENENT etc and putting them all nicely in one channel for us all to surf!

Youtube Kpop Channel

They have even create playlists of videos from specific artist so you easily search for the bands you want, although the number of artist playlists is very limited atm (Why no MBLAQ?!) but if you just want to listen to some of the hottest track of the moment theres a Kpop Hot Music playlist for your convenience! First song being SNSD’s The Boys (we see what you did there Mr Sone).

Youtube Kpop Channel

So go on and check out Youtubes Kpop Channel!  And with Cube only one sleep away, here are links to the BEAST and 4Minute channel to help get you psyched up for the UNITED CUBE CONCERT LONDON 2011!!!

During our little exploring we also stumbled upon this nice video on Jelly Fish Entertainment’s channel.
What are the people of Soeul wishing for this Christmas?

Even though we can’t fully understand everything that they’re saying, you can just feel the love and warmth of the festive season just around the corner!Christmas is almost here!!! :’)


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