G.Na Top Girl

In anticipation for the United CUBE concert (HAPPENING NOW!!) I thought it only appropriate to turn up with some CUBE merchandise. So I went out and bought G.Na’s latest mini album Top Girl!

G.Na Top Girl
If I am honest, I haven’t really listened to many of G.Na’s songs apart from 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I’ll Back Off So You Can Live) and a few other songs. But the more I listen to the songs on Top Girl, the more I like G.Na and wish I had listened to her more seriously. Listening to her songs, you can tell just how talented G.Na really is, but there are still a lot of people who dislike her. Personally I feel that she should get a lot more attention than she does right now because she CAN sing and dance. So far I think that favourite song from Top Girl is Without You.

Top Girl:
Top Girl I think was the song that most represented G.Na’s excitement at her comeback. The song is full of fun and energy and allows her to express that effortlessly when singing. It is very catchy fun to sing along to. Lets face, who doesn’t want to be a Top Girl?

Banana (Ft. Swings. JC 지은):
The beat to Banana is very similar to Rihanna’s Ti Amo. But where Ti Amo is more of a sad and serious song, G.Na brings a more upbeat and lively vibe to the back beat hence the name Banana.

싫어 (Hate You) :
싫 어 seems more like something you would sing when you have finally gotten over a break up. When you can finally say that you are over someone and get on with your life. It has got a cheeky vibe to catches on quickly and stays in your head until you find yourself singing along before you realised you knew the words!

Without You:
Without You I think is the best song of the mini album because it is an actual song where you can hear G.Na’s voice. The music itself is slow and calming, which only helps to define the unique tones of her voice. It shows a more mature and sophisticated version of G.Na than we are used to from her title tracks.

ICON is a more playful song, very upbeat and fun. Listening to it kind of makes me want to jump around playing an air guitar and beating imaginary drums. This song fits in very well with the other songs on Top Girl.

The mini album also came with an attached photo book! Have a look at some of the pictures.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures buy the album here or go to the store here for £16!
The United CUBE concert is happening NOW!! We will post our review on the concert as soon as we can so please keep checking for updates!


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