United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube

안녕하세요! How is everyone today? Are we all feeling a bit of post Cube depression? Let us try to help you relive the events by taking you through our account of the day. Korean Class MASSIVE arrived at the venue at 4pm, and we were already hearing rumours of MASSIVE queues! We hot stepped to the venue skipping with excitement.

When we arrived we were greeted by a queue that went down, down, down, round corner, and on and on and on………

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube

This was the end of the queue at 4pm. MADNESS! The nice security lady in the photo said she had been out in the cold since noon and that some fans had even turned up at 7am, that’s true dedication for you. We hope everyone got a well deserved cup of hot tea by the end of it. And remember fans, please try and keep off the roads, safety first!We are taken through the stage door to pick up our press passes, only to be told they were not ready yet, but just when we turned around to get out we see some petite girls walking towards us (being lead by a rather good looking mystery man). LOW AND BEHOLD IT WAS 4MINUTE! We stood there shell shocked, standing in awkward silence, and trying to play it cool. The girls walked past us all smiles and glowing like goddesses, while we stood there pretending to talking to each other and looking a bit out of place. And then back out into the cold we went…

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube

The first lot of fans rushing into the venue after being in the cold ALL DAY!
When we finally got our press passes, we went in and watched the fans start filling up the hall. It was MADNESS!

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube

The first bunch of dedicated fans nabbed the best spots right at the edge of the stage!!! A deserved spot for those who waited the longest.

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube
Fans running in, so fast!!!

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube

We headed on up to the bar area and tried to mingle with business men and women with partial success. We did get to meet some really nice people, especially some cool girls from unitedkpop and the atmosphere was very exciting. We were able to look down onto the stage area from where we were, so had a good view of how quickly the venue filled up. Is this the reality we wanted……Yes, yes it was. We ate posh little canapés (tasty) and took advantage of the free drinks, and then managed to all get into the press conference in time.

Check back soon for more on the press conference!
But the best part was…………………

When we got back to the main bar we were chatting to Saharial from London Korean Links, when BAM! 4Minute walk towards us and past us, this time we man up and say hello and they greeted us with “Nice to meet you” and smiles all around. Then Beast comes up behind them……Yoseob says Hello as one of the MASSIVE fumbles around with camera to try and record this moment. Check out our priceless video:

If you listen out very carefully you can hear Hyunseung saying “ladies” as he walked past. We were just too late to catch his whole “Hello ladies” comment and Yoseob’s “Hello”.

Come back soon for more awesomeness
P.S.  To help you with your post Cube blues, Mr HMV is sending out some love to all us Kpop fans, hurry!

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello Cube


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