United CUBE London: Trouble Maker

We are slowly sorting though the MASSIVE amount of photos and videos from Cube. Here is one that is just too hot to keep to ourselves for any longer! Having only just started promotions on their Trouble Maker collaboration, HyunSeung and HyunA have successfully performed Trouble Maker for the second time as of 5th December 2011! Aren’t we the lucky ones!

Performing the only 4minute/B2st collaboration of the concert, HyunSeung and HyunA rocked it with Trouble Maker causing the audience to scream with both delight and, for the HyunA and HyunSeung biased fans, horror. You could hear the hearts of each and every Hyunseung fangirl and Hyuna fanboy break as they watched the performance. Apart from the shattering of hearts everywhere, the crowd absolutely loved it and encouraged the pair with their screams and many were already singing along to this newly released song.

Check out the hot performance below

Take a look at our photo album for the Trouble Maker duo here

United CUBE London: Trouble Maker

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