My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀 – Film Review


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My Sassy GirlAnyone interested in Korean film must have come across this film at some point in the past. My Sassy Girl is one of those films which everyone has either heard about or watched! If asked a few days ago, I would have said that I had heard about it and really wanted to watch it. But now, thanks to the Korean Culture Centre and a special Film night organised by the students of Sejong Language Class, I can say I have seen the craze of My Sassy Girl. Check out the trailer below, I’m sure it’ll catch your interest!

The Film:
For those who don’t already know, My Sassy Girl is about a boy and a girl meeting and falling in love. During their time together a lot of unexpected events happen which gives the boy,Gyeon-Woo, a unique insight as to why the girl (she is only referred to as The Girl) behaves the way she does. As each of these events passes by Gyeon-Woo realises just how much of an influence she has on him and how much he cares for her.

Without Gyeon-Woo realising, the Girl begins to develop feelings for him, but only shows them randomly so he cannot be sure. Still hung up over her ex, she feels conflicted about her feelings for Gyeon-Woo. Eventually, they break up and completely lose contact with each other for a long time…

My Sassy girl 3

(Image source)

My Opinion:
I am VERY glad that I have finally watched this classic Korean film. Unlike most other films that are built up to be so amazing that they will let you down when you finally see it, My Sassy Girl met all the expectations I had and even surprised me to a greater extent! It caters to all movie tastes, falling under the comedy genre, action (attempting anyway), romance (not too much but it’s there as always), and tragedy. My Sassy Girl has a little bit of everything for everyone!

My Sassy girl 4

(Image source)

Not only was My Sassy Girl a very interesting film to watch, but it was hilarious! I cannot count the number of times when I was holding back my laughs so not to spoil it for the fellow viewers. There was a scene towards the end of the film that I especially loved, I won’t give any details about it but when it happened I couldn’t contain myself and cracked up. Well worth it, because everyone else did too!

Report Card:
This is a great film to watch and one I would recommend to everyone I know. It can be watched over and over again and not lose it’s charm. A film that inspires you to go out and just have FUN! I know that’s how I felt after watching it. It’s bubbly, very comedic and touching at the same time. So we at Korean Class MASSIVE give My Sassy Girl a…

Daebak Star

OH and I just found out that  the USA did a remake of My Sassy Girl! Checkout the trailer:

Have you seen either version of My Sassy Girl before? If yes, which one and what did you think of it? And can anyone suggest any other Korean movie classics for us to check out? Stay tuned for more United CUBE London posts! Coming up next!


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