Hi Tech Korea – Mobile TV

There seems to be a lot of CUBE going on at the Korean Class MASSIVE
so here is a short *COMMERCIAL BREAK*

Hi Tech Korea - Gadget show : East vs West

You may remember our previous and first electrical related post about Samsung an international house hold name and one of South Korea’s most well known brands. But when asked, most people would name Japan and America as the countries at the top of the Techy list. But here is why the world need to stop for a second and start considering South Korea as a (very) serious contender!

The Gadget show, one of Britains favourite source for all things gadgetory have featured South Korea on their programme quite a few times, in fact they were the ones that made me realise just how far advance they really are. By the magic of the internet, here is one clip from the gadget show talking about mobile TV in South Korea. I’m sure we’ve all seen the photos of Koreans on the train, everyone watching TV on their mobiles. Here, the lovely Jon Bentley talks about how even out in Jeju Island you can get 7 channels on your mobile!!! Now the really impressive thing is, this clip is from 2008. And here we are in the UK, only just gradually switching to Digital… Hmmmm, whatever happened to Europes version, the DVBH???

Love how Jon pretends to be fully engrossed in some Kdrama :D


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