United CUBE London: HyunA Bubble POP

Sorry that this is not in the order of how the concert went, we are just trying to sort out photos and videos to make sure you get top quality posts!!! We thought we’d start with solo performances as then we only had 4Minute’s worth of photos to go through :P We were too snap happy with our cameras!

4Minute started the show with Hot Issue, I My Me Mine and Heart to Heart (you can see why its taking so long to sort and upload!). After a introduction, HyunA rushed off whilst the 4Minute chatted to the audience and told us they are happy to meet guys (video evidence coming later). A quick change later, HyunA emerges.

HyunA struts in and yes, its Bubble POP!

HyunA was only flown in the morning of the concert yet she was probably the idol in the most number of performances due to her Solo singles and her current duet with Hyun Seung. You’d expect her to be tired but she was energetic as usual, strutting around and dancing in mega high heels!!!

She is constantly smiling, she looked super happy to be in London and made her fans feel loved with her bright smile and constant fan service!!! HyunA is truly a A* performer. Even off the stage she is smiley and polite.

We love you too HyunA! Hope you got to get some well deserved rest afterwards!!!

United CUBE London: HyunA Bubble POP


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