United CUBE London: 4Minute

And we’re back!!! So lets go back to the beginning of the concert, that 1 hour before the start of the concert always seems like the longest hour in the world… We got a good seat, sat down and tried to set up our equipment whilst the fans watched the Cube music videos playing on the main screen. The excited fans were screaming at everything, causing us to constantly jump thinking the show was about to start! In the end, we managed to get all our cameras ready and waited along with the fans…

United CUBE London: 4Minute

The show began with some crazy light up robot dance, they were good but everyone was on edge. WHEN ARE THE ARTISTS GOING TO COME OUT?! Stop teasing us! And then out pops…

4Minute to start the show!!!

They start the show with their debut single HOT ISSUE

Happy Smiley and Powerful 4Minute Followed by our personal favourite I, My, Me, Mine

Third song, the adorable Heart to Heart during which, a lucky fan got a gift from HyunA

And after 3 performances one after another, 4Minute end with smiles still all around. 4Minute introduces themself and has a little chat with the audience. The Brixton Academy was quite a cosy venue with fans right at the edge of the stage!!! This lead to a very intimate chat with 4Minute and certain lucky fans were able to interact with 4Minute on stage!!! One fan even got told to shhhh by Gayoon!
United CUBE London: 4Minute

Jiyoon is SHOCKED! The Maknae sending out love.

Check out the super hilarious chat and the gutsy Gayoon telling the audience they want to meet guys. We told you we had evidence!!!

After getting to know the audience, 4Minute leaves and lets HyunA bubble pop onto the stage as posted HERE . Afterwards Gayoon and Jiyoon return to the stage for a special stage singing Ke$ha’s Blow. First Key, now 4Minute, Ke$ha is becoming the popular English choice for Kpop idols!!!

After all that, time for a quick change and a dance break by the amazing dancers of United CUBE. Everyday they’re shuffling.

And last but not least, all 5 members of 4Minute return to the stage to perform HuH and their latest single Mirror Mirror

What a BRILLIANT start to the night! 4Minute rocked the stage! So, Gayoon and HyunA wants to know, did YOU enjoy the 4Minute performances?!

United CUBE London: 4Minute


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