How fans can shape Kpop at HMV

*Now time for another United CUBE COMMERCIAL BREAK*

As most British Kpop fans will now know, Kpop has just recently become available to buy at the HMV store at Oxford Circus. This is certainly great news for all fans, as not only does it now mean you can buy physical copies of your favourite songs, but it represents something bigger. It shows that Kpop is beginning to become a recognised force in the UK music industry. However, although more people may be hearing about Kpop, and maybe Korean music in general, many are not aware of band names, popular songs, and a whole host of other things about it.

A rather emptied out Korean Section

Over at HMV, we really appreciate the efforts the staff are going to, as for them it’s a risk as to whether selling Kpop will be a good move in the business side of things for the store. So far, the staff have found that it’s been very successful, and that they are having to continually restock. On a recent trip to the store (to check out the free CUBE CD with any Kpop purchase deal), we were assured by staff that having Kpop there is a long term plan. They said they’d been hearing about it for a while and decided to finally take the plunge. They’ve been really pleased with how it’s been received so far – good job Kpop fans!

Fans can help by telling HMV just what bands should be stocked there and which albums they want. The staff are relying on feedback from fans as many of them are not knowledgeable about Kpop. Though they do have a selection at the moment, it still isn’t that big (no DBSK!), and it’s mixed in with the world music section (in racks that don’t even have a South Korea label). We think that Kpop deserves it’s own stand alone section, but we may be ever so slightly biased. So if you’re in the area, why not pop in, take a look and see what’s there (or left at this rate!). Maybe you can make some of your own suggestions to the staff.

One thing we should remember is that it’s not easy for HMV to get new Kpop stock in. CDs have to be ordered from the USA, not South Korea, hence why the prices are a bit higher than what you might expect. This is also why it takes so long for new stock to come in. If the Kpop section becomes very popular, perhaps they’ll be able to streamline the buying side of things to keep up with supply and demand.

And you never know….if HMV does find that Kpop continually sells well, there may be opportunities for fan signing events in the future! The staff at HMV said they’d be more than happy to host an event the next time a Korean idol or band visits the UK. When we asked how they’d deal with all the fans, they assured they’d had lots of practice with security from a Beyonce visit a few years ago. Exciting stuff!  And because we are amazing, heres a little tip *whispers* the queue for fan meets will be behind HMV at the back entrance.  You’re welcome.  P.S  PLEASE SAVE US A SPOT!


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