United CUBE London: BEAST

It has been epically CUBE. Last in the line up during the concert, but not a little bit least, Beasts graces us with their presence at the CUBE concert. The screams that greeted Beast were DEAFENING and very well deserved as they embarked on 7 of their top hits!

The awesomely entertaining BEAST

First Song… Can’t Breathe LIKE FREEZE. Shock sent the audience into a frenzy!!!

Then Beast, takes a breath and really comes alive with Soom

Dedicated to all the girls in the audience, third song ~ Bad Girl

After the first 3 songs, Beast exits the stage and HyunSeung returns with HyunA to perform their latest single Trouble maker as posted here. After a very sexy duet, we can only imagine that HyunSeung ran like crazy to the stage and reappears seconds later with the rest of the band. Lucky for him, it was a slow song this time and the whole arena chills out with Beast and Lightless from their 4th mini Album.

Beast returns to the main stage to continue with their set. Next song up is their latest hit Fiction. A song that serious impressed the parents of a certain MASSIVE member showing that Beast’s appeal is international and knows no age limit!!!

Finished off with a triplet of fun songs full of fan service!!!

We still have the United CUBE end performance to upload!!! Please wait for it!!! In the mean time, we are sorting through all photos including our 1039 Beast photos (we were MASSIVELY trigger happy). But we will soon upload them all into super handy Facebook albums! So watch this space!!!

United CUBE London: BEAST

Recognise the special customised flag?
We love you Beast! Please return to the UK soon!


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