United CUBE London: End performance

And sadly, after Beast had performed their last song, the CUBE family returned to the stage to sing us a goodbye song, Fly So High, but it felt more like a “Till next time…” *fingers crossed*

Kpop Beast cube

Yoseob being the amazing person that he is, kindly took a fans Union Jack flag and wore it like a cape!! With DooJoon waving it around for the full flying superhero effect.

The CUBE family all walking out for the last time.

AND what do we have here?? Is that KiKwang taking off his shirt?!

But only to reveal hes wearing a vest underneath… Damn these cold British winters… :P And also it turns out that we know the lucky girl to catch GiKwangs shirt! I hope she keeps it safe.

And finally, CUBE leaving. Sad times…

Here is a video of CUBE’s final performance.

For all our pictures why not check out our Facebook page here!


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