United CUBE London: Press Call

United CUBE London: Press Call

One of the best parts of the day was undoubtedly being able to attend the press call. While at the press reception, we heard the press call for the artists would begin at about 6.20pm. Although we all had VIP passes, only one of us had a press pass for the event and thought that this would mean only one of us would be allowed to attend the press call. We all knew who the biggest Beast fan was, so it was easy to decide who’d get the press pass. While the Korean Class MASSIVE member with the press pass headed off to the press call, the other two of us debated about what we should do. Eventually, we thought we should see if we could at least see the room where the press call would happen. When we got closer, we found that we too were let in! It’s great that all three of us could attend our first press call, it was a proud moment for all of us.

The room itself was pretty small, and about 30 different press people were jostling for a good position for their cameras, which was a little tricky seeing as most of the professional cameras there were enormous!

Having nestled ourselves in position, we had a chance to chat together for a minute or two. This time before the artists came in mostly consisted of us talking about how excited we were that we were actually going to see the CUBE groups up close. Luckily, being the professionals we are (or try to be), we were able to compose ourselves by the time the artists came in.

United CUBE London: Press Call

First to enter were Beast, and immediately the cameras started flashing. Once they’d positioned themselves behind the chairs, 4Minute and G.NA walked in and sat down. A spokesperson told us that we’d have three minutes to take photos. It was quite hard to try to get a steady video during this time as the journalists were moving around quite a bit, so we had to keep adjusting our positions. One of us also had a bit of trouble with a coughing fit as well, which was slightly embarrassing. It was a bit strange taking pictures and filming the CUBE groups during this time as all anyone was doing was looking and filming them while they stayed still, it sort of felt like they were spectacles in an exhibition or something similar. However, they all looked really professional during this time, 4minute and G.NA were all smiles, while Beast had more of a ‘cool’ vibe going on.

After this, there was some short introductory and welcome speeches by several important people, including figures from the UK and people from South Korea. It was also a chance for the artists to introduce themselves to the press. Check out some of our videos below.

We were sad to see them leave the press call, but were so happy to have been there.

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