UV MV shot in London

Check out UV’s music video shot in London!!! UV (유브이) consists of Gag Man and Beatles code MC Yoo Seyoon (유세윤) and Muzi from High Syde.  UV is an acronym of the romanised Korean word “유부남” which means married men, so lets check out these married men’s music video shot in our London town :D

We love the beatle-esque smooth hippie sound and the extremely fashionable retro concept!!! Very nicely done!!! We love all the attention to detail all the way down to the camera work.  The soft filter on top really makes it look authentic and straight out of the 60s!!!   (Even with all the modern buildings!)

The fashion was really well done in that it wasn’t the usual “mockery” of bad wigs and exaggerated bad fashions of the 60s yet it was very correct to the era.  And dare I say, they actually look really good!!!

UV MV shot in London

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Many reviews have commented about how much it references to old Beatles MVs such as “A Hard’s day night” and the song structure resembling “Hey Jude”.  This video is no doubt a tribute to our national treasure the Beatles.  They even re-enact the iconic Rolling Stones magazine cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, although a much more reserved version. (Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK shows how its done properly)

UV MV shot in London

Kiss Kiss Kpop reviews also points out that “the “rooftop concert” concept is based on the Beatles’ last live concert in 1969” how theres even “a little nod to the Beatles’ psychedelic era in the music video”.

UV MV shot in London
So where in London was this all this filmed?

So far we’ve pinpointed the location of the performance to be on top of the mini Korea town behind Centre point at Tottenham court road on top of Jubilee Hairdressers.

Fun fact : The Beatles Rooftop concert was actually filmed on the rooftop of their own building, Apple’s headquarters in Savile Row near Piccadilly Circus! So not far from where the original was filmed!
We’ve also managed to locate this moment to Barbour on Carnaby Street:

And of course it wouldn’t be a Beatles Tribute without the Iconic Abbey road moment:

With a very Beatle-esque cartoon sketch. (Credit to Hazzystory’s youtube)

Love how this video reminds us of how beautiful London is! As Londoners we really take it for granted sometimes!!!

Can you figure out where the other parts are shot?

And if you are curious about what the song is actually about, its basically a guy asking his girlfriend “Who am I to you?” As she is his first girlfriend yet he is her second boyfriend, so not first love, but second lover.  Theres even a bit of French thrown in “Je te promets” aka I promise you with bit of French kiss greeting happening amongst band members.
Over all I loved this video, its so very well done and I love how they managed to make modern day London look like the hip 60s again!!! And bowler hats off to them for the shots of the old London Route master bus!!! As we don’t really get much of them these days!
BONUS : A “making of” video – for even more videos check out Hazzy’s channel
One of the main sources of this article is Kiss Kiss Kpop reviews check them out for some really deep and insightful reviews of Kpop!!!

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