Kpop on iTunes

Recently many people have noticed more and more Kpop being available on iTunes. Recent big releases such as Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense and SNSD’s The Boys was available on iTunes pretty much straight away!

Kpop on iTunes But did you know that Kpop has actually been available on iTunes since 2009?  DFSB Kollective launched over 50 Kpop artists in iTunes stores worldwide back in 2009 making Kpop available to over 22 countries served by iTunes.  Based in Seoul, DFSB was the first official iTunes store aggregator in Korea (Aggregator : a web site or computer software that collects/brings together a specific type of information from multiple online sources ~Wiki).  It’s aim was to further the growth and popularity of Kpop outside of Korea and make it easily accessible worldwide through digital distribution.  Some of the first few Korean artists to appear on iTunes were Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, Epik High and Brown Eyed Girls.  For a full list of the first Korean artists to appear on iTunes check out the post on Blog Ningin HERE

Now in 2011, check out the current top 100 Kpop song on iTunes

as of 8/12/11

click for larger image

click for larger image

Are you surprised by any of the songs on the list? Apart from the Number 1 song being from 2NE1, the top 10 are dominated by SM ent groups. I have no idea how this list is constructed and I’m not sure if its numbered by the amount of downloads that week? Ever? Or by popularity. I can spot IU’s latest single is already up there at number 12! With old classics such as Gee and Sorry Sorry in the Top 10 and MTV EMA winner Big Bang not appearing till at number 62 with Stupid Liar.  I’m sure many VIPs would be enraged by this.  But with Kpop albums being of such high production values full of photo goodness as seen in our post about GNa’s latest album, is iTunes really a good way of measuring popularity?

So who gets their Kpop from iTunes? And who prefers to buy the albums? I for one love my physical copy of Big Bang’s latest album.  The amount of effort they put into the production and design is immense!

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