London Kpop Lovers Party!

London Kpop Lovers Party!

Last night Korean class MASSIVE attended the fortnightly Kpop Noraebang (karaoke) event @ New Malden. It was free and it doesn’t matter if you can read Korean or not, as long as you’re not shy and am willing to give it a go, then you’re bound to find someone to hum along with you :D it was really nice and everyone is super friendly. We had some people busting out some Epik High rap and some other guys showing us some serious norae skills and treating us to some amazing ballads.

London Kpop Lovers Party!

Classic Karaoke videos montages

This happens every other Wednesday and its free!!! The Han Bar & restaurant is beautiful with some amazing decor so if you have time make sure you stay for some food and drinks after!!! Hopefully the Massive will have a bit more time and stay to chat with all the lovely kpoppers next time!

London Kpop Lovers Party!

The Rap Stars

The next event is already up on Facebook! Click HERE. And check our Facebook for all the photos from last night : LINK

Hopefully see you all next time!!! A MASSIVE thanks to Romeo Lee of The East Foundation for organising the great night!ย  Make sure you check them out and join their Facebook group ~ United Korean Fan Club


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