I’m going LoKo

While at LoKo’s most recent workshop, we had a chance to have a nice chat with the teachers there and learn all about them and their workshops.
Read on to find out more!


Loko and Friends

For a dance crew that’s only been together since late summer, these four people have already achieved so much. So how did they all meet and get started? Tammy and Caroline filled us in at their December dance workshop.

Like so many Kpop fans in the UK, The LoKos were initially Kpop fans without anyone to share their passion with. We’ve all been there when a new Kpop music video comes out, but none of your friends have any idea what you’re talking about. This was the same position that Caroline was in when SM Town Paris rolled around. Luckily, Caroline had a sister who had a friend at work who was into Kpop. Although they didn’t meet at that time, they briefly saw each other at Abbey Road studios when SHINee came to visit over the summer. And who was this mystery person? None other than Tammy, the founder of the LoKos. Although they didn’t get a chance to talk at this occasion, when Caroline was asked to help with the MBC Star Auditions for the UK, she asked Tammy along, and things went from there.

Tammy had been wanting to do something Kpop dance related for a long time. Tammy had been teaching herself street dance styles for a long time, while Caroline has been dancing since she was four and still attends a dance school. Together, starting a dance workshop seemed like a logical step to take. They both wanted to do something for Kpop fans in the UK, and hosting dance lessons seemed like a good way to provide something fun for the UK Kpop scene, especially since they both saw how many dance covers there were on the internet. By providing workshops, people would have somewhere to go to dance, and not just have to do it solo by watching Kpop dance covers and dance MVs on the internet. So how did Isabelle and Deanna get involved? Tammy and Caroline posted an ads for other teachers to help with the workshops, and Isabelle and Deanna’s videos showed that they had both had great skills.

Koo Young

Baek Koo Young teaching (Picture Source)

Their first workshop was in September, and only a short while later, they were contacted asking if they would like SM ENT choreographer Baek Koo Young to do a master class in October. How amazing! In just a few weeks they had already secured a massive name in the industry to come teach one of their classes. Photos of the day can be seen here and videos of the day can be seen on their YouTube channel here. This workshop was also covered by various Korean media outlets like YTN – the LoKos got the recognition they deserved!

Eunhyuk London

EunHyuk with Caroline and Deanna (source)

Not only did they have a great lesson that day, but by pure coincidence, Super Junior’s EunHyuk was in London and actually stopped by to see the LoKos after the class! What lucky ladies.

The LoKos are currently the only Kpop dance crew that provide workshops in the UK at the moment (that we know of), and have done so well for themselves so far.

There’s a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that they have to do for each workshop. For the one we attended, they had to fit in trying to learn the routines around their already busy schedules that involved studying, work and trying to have some sort of social life. Tammy made the remix of the songs for the class (the songs were complied from suggestions made by attendees to the workshop), and they all had to help in sorting out booking a dance studio and organising the day as a whole. These girls work so hard to make their work shops a success that the they last time they held one, Caroline had to walk down stairs backwards the next day as she was so stiff! That’s dedication for you. Isabelle was flying off to Malaysia the next day after the December work shop to be in a Kpop competition with her dance crew there; this really shows how much time and effort they’re willing to put in. Unfortunately Deanna was unable to attend the workshop on the Sunday because of work commitments, which shows just how busy they are whilst still running these classes.

So what does the future hold for them? If what they’ve already managed to do is anything to go by, there’s a lot in store for them. Caroline told us that she’d like to do a Jpop workshop one day, as originally she was a Jpop fan before being a Kpop fan. This is something fun to look out for, for all those Jpop fans out there in the UK. The Lokos have made great name for themselves, not only in the UK, but in Korea too. This can only mean that their future is bright, and that 2012 will be a great year for them – definitely look out for their work shops early on next year, we hear that there may be some top secret things happening!! It all sounds very exciting.

So after meeting these girls, Korean Class MASSIVE can now say that we are have all gone loco for LoKo, and are sure you will too!


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