From Scotland to Busan

Have you ever thought to yourself, if only someone would translate the Scottish accent into Korean, preferably with a Busan accent. It would really be great to be able to appreciate Scottish in the Busan accent.  It would be really great if the people of Busan will be able to see and understand the fascinating Scottish language.

Well, before 쌈디 can say “Simon D 입니다!”

Youtube has made your wish come true!!!

This might possibly be the most amazingly random thing you would see today.  Its also very educational.  Heres a video to help all the Koreans out there to understand the Sarcastic British humour:

And just incase you didn’t want your Scottish to be translated into the Busan accent, how about the Gyeongsang province accent? Unfortunately, this video is not available to view to us UK folk :( But we can only imagine that its magical…

To all the Koreans out there, have you ever wondered how to pick up a girl?  What are the kind of exchanges you should expect when out on the pull in Scotland? Well this beautiful moment has been translated for you all to enjoy and learn from.  Unfortunately there is no accent, but that just means that this treasure is informative nationwide.

Now if someone could please do some English subtitles too? Or get Simon D to dub over? That would be AMAZING

Bonus: If Jesus was a DJ

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