Happy Ero Christmas – Film Review

Have all your Christmas shopping finally sorted? Looking for a nice movie to chill out to and get yourself into the Christmas spirit? As you may know, the Korean Culture Centre has open film nights every other Thursday evenings. The last screening of the year was Happy Ero Christmas. Now, from the name, it suggests X-rated scenes (as Ero = erotic), so to be watching this kind of film in a room filled with strangers promises to be an awkward experience! BUT I only remember one overly awkward scene (near the beginning, gets it out of the way ASAP) which everyone just laughed off awkwardly. The rest of the film was actually pretty funny and entertaining. Check out the trailer:

Film Review: Happy Ero Christmas The Film:

Starring Cha TaeHyun as ByungKi (also known as Gyun-woo in My Sassy Girl) and Kim SunAh as MinKyong, Happy Ero Christmas is about three people’s lives in the days leading up to Christmas and their expectations of how they will be spending the holidays. One wishing for an erotic Christmas while the other two are looking for a more romantic way to pass the time.

SangDoo, a teenager looking to get lucky over Christmas, gets his friend to introduce him to a girl in their school. Only to realise that he has feelings for her.

MinKyong (who works in a bowling alley) has recently broken up with her boyfriend and bumped into ByungKi (a police officer). There is an instant attraction, for ByungKi anyway, so he tries to get close to her. Only to the interrupted by local gangster who has also fallen for her.

As ByungKi tries to get closer to MinKyong, the gangster gets between them, shooting down any chance ByungKi has with her. This happens so much that ByungKi in return, takes any chance he gets to try to arrest the gangster.

Erochristmas 1

My Opinion:

Aha, at first I was a little iffy about actually watching this film, but now I am glad that I did, apart from the few awkward scenes at the beginning. There were a few more hilariously random yet inappropriate parts which left everyone either bursting out with laughter or with bewildered expressions. I think I had an even mix!

There was a scene in particular that was too awesome for words, it left everyone in the room laughing hysterically. But unfortunately I can’t say anything as I do not want to rob future viewers of the full experience.

Erochristmas 2

Report Card:
I would recommend Happy Ero Christmas, but with caution. It is very funny, but this kind of humour may not be to everyone taste. So we at Korean Class MASSIVE gives Happy Ero Christmas a…
Good star

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