Christmas Kpop Songs 2011

Christmas Kpop Songs 2011

Nice Cardigan Minho

I’m sure many of you out there would love to wake up on Christmas day and find your favourite idol waiting under the tree for you with a present. Unfortunately, we’re all stuck in reality and not in fact the lead in a romantic and cheesy, yet addictive, Korean drama. So none of us this year will be seeing the likes of this under the mistletoe….

However, we’ve tried to make up for this fact by putting together a fun helping of Chritmasy themed songs from Korean groups all in one post. Enjoy your turkey, all the trimmings, and eating so many Quality Street chocolates that you have to lie down so you don’t throw everything up again.
Before we get to the songs, let’s check out a few of the Christmas greetings idols have done this year.

What do you mean “why is only TVXQ posted”? It’s not like I’m just searching for them or anything…..

…….It’s 2PM! You see, I do know other groups exist

This is more of a “Merrymumblemumble” than “Merry Christmas” from AA, but the sentiment is still all there.

The super enthusiastic Sistar
JYJ looking chill on a sofa.
Super Junior getting all excited about Christmas.

OK! Onto to Christmas songs! Let’s start off with something super sugary and slightly hilarious from 4Minute. I particularly loved the fact that they managed to somehow rhyme ‘jingle’ with ‘wrinkle’ – good work guys.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a helping of “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey, and this cover by Fluxus Music is a great up beat acoustic version.

A catchy song from last year by JYP Nation.

This song by IU’s not a Christmasy sounding as you might hope, but the music video to it is beautiful. Very fairy tale like, I would totally watch this if it was made into a film (not that I’m really sure what the plot was….something to do with a time travelling goose?).

The best thing about SM Town’s Christmas offering this year is the fact that there are some really nice shots of artists that you may have thought that had fallen down a black hole from the amount that we’ve seen of them lately. That and the Christmas fashions are amazing. Super Junior are really loving Santa this year!

While MBLAQ’s video for their Christmas song this year isn’t very festive feeling, it does give fans a good chance to see the boys behind the scenes – who doesn’t like behind scene footage! There’s also a nice jingly beat to the background.

And something a little more unorthodox involving MBLAQ.
A nice traditional cover of ‘Sleigh Ride’ by TVXQ with just the right amount of Engrish accent going on.

And something original by TVXQ (I do realise this is in Japanese, but whatever it’s TVXQ, it’s on the list). Why’s it so impossible to find the full length version music video of this? Surely everyone wants to see TVXQ frolicing in the snow and looking wistfully into middle distance

What’s that Infinite? You want to confess something? Go ahead!
And just cos no one should miss out on L’s special message of “Merry Kissmas”

And next something for the guys – SNSD rocking ‘Santa Baby’ during their more sweet and innocent years, their latest more sexier performance was posted on our Facebook page last night. Watching them makes me think that maybe I should lay off that 5th mince pie.

A bit of a pop ballad from Jellyfish Ent for Christmas. This song is great for some “hairbrush as mic” singing.

Let’s finish the Kpop Christmas playlist with a lovely duet by Henry and Amber.

Kpop’s made a great contribution to the Christmas playlist this year. However, nothing can really compare to the awesomeness that was our own East 17. “Stay now, oh baby why you got to go away!!!” Check out that 90s fashion.

So that’s it for our Christmas playlist! There are about a million other Christmas themed Kpop tracks out there, but we can’t choose everything (even though we wanted). All that’s left to say is….


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