Kpop Lovers Party 28 Dec

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
And before you get all sad about the end of the season of giving, don’t forget about the last Kpop Lover’s party of 2011!!!
Facebook event HERE.
It starts at 6pm tomorrow (28 Dec) at The Han Bar restaurant at New Malden.
And there is no age limit, and no fee! So no excuses!!!
New Malden is only a short 20 minute train journey away from Waterloo.  It is in Zone 4 and you can use Oyster and travel cards so technically its still London! And because we are super helpful, here are train times from London Waterloo:

London to New Malden

When you arrive at the platform, go down the stairs and make sure you take a right at the bottom of the stairs, go through the tunnel.  Follow exit signs.  When you have exited the station turn left and you should see Han Bar and Restaurant on the opposite side of the road after you have walked under the bridge.  When you walk in, be prepared to be hit with awesome decor :D The Karaoke rooms are downstairs and last time Mr Romeo Lee was there to greet us and tell us where the party was at so look out for a friendly face :D

Afterwards there is food and drinks with fellow Kpoppers so don’t forget to bring your monies to try some delicious Korean food :) The MASSIVE should hopefully be able to stay for the after-party so please save some food for us!!! :D Also as a special present (can they be anymore generous?!)  Romeo Lee also have some awesome United Korean Fan Club pin badges to give away!

ukfc badge

United Korean Fan Club

You can read all about the last Kpop Lovers Party HERE And don’t forget to check out our Facebook for all the photos HERE


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